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Wrongfull suspention


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any community member who wishes to discuss or refute a disciplinary action that has been applied to his or her account must submit a ticket via the pokémon support portal. Discussion of disciplinary actions is not permitted on the forums.


Lastly i would like your development team to put in a warning system, for example if some post a like you reply in game with a if you do it again you will be muted type of message. If a system like that would have been in place i would not have posted it the second time.

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Hi Bash3633,


I understand your concern, however the public is not the place to discuss account actions. If you would like to appeal an action or have questions, please contact the Support Team by sending them a ticket. You can do this by following the instructions in my signature.


The Support Team has the tools to assess any account specific and account action concerns you may have in safe, quick way.


Thanks for your understanding and I hope this was helpful! I will be closing this thread as posting threads regarding account actions are against the Forum Rules which can be found here:




Thanks again!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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