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Want Darkrai/Garb stuff for Plasma stuff


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I'm looking to change my main deck to Darkrai/Garbodor on PTCGO, so if you want anything plasma, let me know.


I have:


3 Thundurus

4 Deoxys

1 Kyurem


a few extra EXs and staples as well


I need:


3 Darkrai

3 Sableye

2 Garbodor

2 Trubbish

4 Dark Patch

2 Dark Claw

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I have 1 darkrai ( 8 pb packs ) and 2 trubish (1 pb pack ) and 4 dark patch 3 pb packs and 2 dark claw 1 pack and 1 holo so in total 12 pb packs if you want or 2 deoxys and 1 thundurus

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