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What do people think of the Dream World rewards?


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About two days ago now, the news about new medals and things popped up from the Pokemon Global Link: http://en.pokemon-gl.com/about/p_transfer


So, as the subject says, I'm curious what people think about it?


To be honest, I'm a bit frustrated. I never had much luck with the Dream World (We switched internet and I often got glitched with game sync--telling me it ran out of battery despite not switching times or 3DS.


Even one point, a cartridge got corrupted and thus, my points reset to 0...which made catching up near impossible to the above. I never cared much for the abilities so in the end, I just gave up. And now, I find myself regretting it--especially as if it wasn't for corruption and then failing repeatedly, I'd have been able to get several of the rewards :(


Just kind of disappointing that there is nothing I can do now and definitely not enough time to try and fix it... and no way I can even attempt the battle ones which just makes it more upsetting.


I just really wish they didn't do this I guess. I mean, they have all these Pokemon with special abilities and things so I don't see the need for this... and right now, I just feel bad for anyone else who had Dream World issues like I did. :(

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