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Also i have another excellent deck on the old HGSS format based around Sharpedo(UD). It is Sharpedo, Slowking(CoL), Fliptini(NVI) with added techs. Strip Bare with Sharpedo and control topdeck with slowkings ability so that the opponents field is a mess. Junk arm and catcher max for absolute control. Perhaps this deck wont be so cheap now because of difficulty obtaining pre-BW cards, but back in my days this was the cheapest and most successful rouge deck ever. Even at present ive beaten 200HP VirGen decks with a timely StripBare and deck control.

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sounds a bit like the Watcheck deck.

put watcheck watchog in bench, put astonish amoongus in bench, fliptini in bench then mew in active

mew to copy astonish to narrow opponent's hand, fliptini to improve odds

then mew to control topdeck with watcheck

then mew to copy whatever attacks to slowly chip away whenever possible.

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Actually, this is far superior to Watcheck, i never could make that work against Tier 1s. Strip Bare eradicates your opponents WHOLE HAND and Slowking is a bench sitter with topdeck control ability, so you can chip away damage every turn without wasting one turn on turning topdeck. ALso, Slowking allows you to control your own topdeck as well so its great for fast setup, which is of paramount importance on getting that T2-T4 Strip Bare, as without that your chances of making this strategy work is slim. Sharpedo's Rage is a great attack and with a Giant Cape and 3 Sp Dark and with enough damage on sharpedo i've catchered up those pesky 180HP EXs and ohko'd them for easy 2 prizes.

Actually, i still play this deck with not a single card from NXD-on format, and the only deck i've had a bad matchup against is Keldeo with floatstone. I should add Tool Scrappers here but then it wouldnt be so oldschool. :P

Still, win ratio stands at 76.7% and that is almost close to my Darkrai-Garbodor at 84.3% and Blastoise-Keldeo at 79.5%.

And way above 63.4% on my VirGen, though i dont have the most competitive VirGen deck.

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yea wasn't going to say it was better but the concept is roughly similiar, just figured since this thread was about sharing cheap decks I figured the watcheck option would be a far cheaper option to a deck that's mostly hgss cards.

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Also, i would be really glad the day Catcher gets kicked out, because i think i have another great deck which could be Tier 1 without catcher. Its a bit clunky but BW-on so maybe will be legal in Modified in recent future. Its based around Crustle(ability one) and Reuniclus(Damage Swap) with Cressila EXs and prolly Virizion EX as tech. The idea is to keep Crustle on active as it CANNOT BE OHKOd by anything, and then use Reuniclus to swap the 90 Damage on your bench full of heal-loving Cressilas. Thus you will be facing only 90 damage per turn regardless of how strong your opponent deck is, and 2 Cressilas can heal off the 90 just fine with a little help from Pokemon Centre, so basically your opponent will be doing 0 damage to your active per turn. In fact, this would be an invincible stratgey in a without-catcher format but for LaserBank, so Virizion EX should be teched in though all that grass energy makes the deck more inconsistent.

As i said, this deck is pretty clunky,vulnerable without trainer lock, and wont have a fast setup. But once you have all the pieces on motion, it is almost impossible to do anything against it.

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This is my very first deck in online: 230plays/180wins, no ex, no promos, no stadiums,



3 Gible (DE)

3 Gabite(DE)

3 Garchomp(DE)

3 Axew

3 Haxorus



4 Blend energy WLFM

4 Fighting energy

6 metal energy



1 Cheren

3 N

4 Juniper

3 Skyla


1 Bycicle

2 Float Stone

2 Level ball

1 Master ball

3 Catcher

4 Rare Candy

2 Silver Mirror

3 Switch

2 Tool Scrapper

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Also, i would be really glad the day Catcher gets kicked out, because i think i have another great deck which could be Tier 1 without catcher.

you dont have to worry about Catcher, because now its luck-dependant. check the errata in official website

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These decks seems expansive. :D I would go more "Free" than you guys are talking about. I've only bought like 10 booster packs, and I was able to make myself two good decks. Let me illustrate the first one:

The newbie eel unlimited deck. Oh yeah, we all know about the pro eel decks harassing the tournaments, but did you know that you can make one a little weaker for almost nothing here online?

If you look here, then this is all that you need: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_Trading_Card_Game_Online_decks

See the power relay deck and the codes? Redeem it four times. Now you can get this:

4x Tynamo

4x Eelektrik (Dynamotor, Noble Victories 40)

2x Giant Cape and 2x Switch (From Orange Deck) to support, as Tynamo is low on HP and Eelektrik is hard to retreat in case of a catcher.

This is the base of this deck, so you can get all the energy that you discarded back.

So basically, anything that deals with discarding energies is good for this deck. This is why you can include 4x Professor J’s as supporters. As you’ll discard a lot of cards then it’s a good idea to bring in N’s and Colress’ to make sure that you’re able to put it back in. You want supporters enough to cover all 60 draws, so you can fill in with two N’s (from orange), two Colress and two Biancha’s (from BW basic green). These ten supporters should make you able to have a lot of cards that you need.

Now you need some ways to make sure that you draw the Pokémon you need, as you’re depending on getting Tynamo as fast out as possible for evolving them. Let me suggest you use:


4x Pokémon Communication (from Power Relay)

2x Ultra Ball (BW Basic Red, they can discard energy for you ;) )

2x Level Ball (BW Basic Green, and you can get two more from Voltage Vortex)


That’s the first 30 cards, which is must for the deck, AND FREE!!!

Then you’ll need energy for three-four Pokémon, so I’ll say 10-16 energy cards. Remember that you’ll retrieve it again when a Pokémon is knocked out. Use the next 14-20 cards to defeat the enemy.


Free cards to put in:

4x Haxorus (From Power Relay, that’ll be 16 cards with basics and stage1)

2x Raticate + 2x Ratata (From BW Basic Red, will leave enemies with 10hp and has no retreat)

+2x Rocky Helmet (From Orange, so they die if they hit back on Raticate)

+2x Pokémon Catcher (From Orange, so you can leave one more with 10 hp, or survive)

2x Bouffalant (From BW Basic Green, to defeat Pokémon Ex’s and commons)

4x Raichu + 4x Pikachu (From Power Relay)

Free from old basic decks:

2x Raticate (with Razor-Sharp Incisors, that doubles the amount of damage counters on a Pokémon)

2x Engeneers Adjustment (Basic Blue, discard an energy and draw cards. :D)

2x Ampharos +3x Flaffy + 4x Mareep (Beta tester Basic Yellow, to fetch energy)

Cheep & good to put in (first 3 I go with):

Zekrom (x2 for 500g in Voltage Vortex in Shop, + extra Catcher & 2x level ball)

Galvantula (Plasma Storm 51) + Joltic, discard energy for 30dmg + no retreat costs

Thunderus (Will fetch energy for you and is strong)

Kangaskhan (Plasma Blast 71, 500g in shop with Genesect Deck)

Audino (Emerging Powers 83, with powerfull slap that gives avg. 20 dmg pr. Energy)


You can also add Zaptos, Ex like Mewtwo, Ace Spec Computer Search or Dowsing Machine when you get better cards.

If you go with the Raticate, hypnotoxic laser can become an instant kill. ;)

The second deck is Raticate, Audino, Bouffalant and Haxorus, they can become an evil deck alone, is cheap, and can btw support in all the decks you have.


Winrates goes over 70%, but is limited by fighting and Keldeo/Blastoise decks.

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try these: weavile/empoleon/eggs/flareon, sigilyph (tool box)/ garbodor (tool drop)/masquerain, quad snorlax. these are the best non ex decks in my opinion that can compete with other players at expert level

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try these: weavile/empoleon/eggs/flareon, sigilyph (tool box)/ garbodor (tool drop)/masquerain, quad snorlax. these are the best non ex decks in my opinion that can compete with other players at expert level


he means the tool drop trubbish, not garbodor

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I Have a idea that someone was telling me about Kingdra (DE)/Empoleon

I am unsure but its cheap and sounds good basically kingdras first attack Dragon Vortex does 20x to the amount of water and lightning energy discarded for a colourless energy. Now empoleon can discard a energy every turn uping the power of kingdras attack then get 2 cards in return. i do not take credit of this deck at all but i think it sounds cool also be careful not to deck yourself out :D

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I Have a idea that someone was telling me about Kingdra (DE)/Empoleon

I am unsure but its cheap and sounds good basically kingdras first attack Dragon Vortex does 20x to the amount of water and lightning energy discarded for a colourless energy. Now empoleon can discard a energy every turn uping the power of kingdras attack then get 2 cards in return. i do not take credit of this deck at all but i think it sounds cool also be careful not to deck yourself out :D



not entirely sure how well that idea actually works:

1. setting up 2 stage 2s can be difficult

2. discarding 1 energy per turn (or 2 if u somehow managed to set up 2 empoleons and a kingdra) isn't exactly speeding up kingdra's attack by much, and knocking out kingdra/empoleon also only discards 1 energy, not to mention after flushing all the water energy back into the deck u have to start all over again



Also don't think its possible for this deck to deck out given you always flush energy back into the deck, only reason you would deck out is if you run out of kingdra in which case you're probably losing pretty badly already.

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Here is a deck that made with the cards I have.(Most of those cards can be obtained from Basic Green)




1 Maractus

1 Roselia

1 Roserade

1 Scyther

4 Snivy

3 Servine

2 Serperior

2 Yanma

1 Yanmega

2 Bouffallant

2 Kangaskhan




2 Energy Retrieval

2 Heavy Ball

2 Pokemon Catcher

3 Random Receiver

4 Switch

2 Ultra Ball

2 Cheren

2 Cilan

2 Professor Juniper




20 Grass energy


Planning on geting 2 more Roselia and Roserade and removing Bouffallant and Kangaskhan from the deck and also removing Scyter and adding one more Maractus.(I actually have one Virizion but I will be waiting until I can get more.)

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Here is a deck i run online and it is quite fun, powerful and best of all very cheap. Below is a list of the cards i run and their approximate value to obtain each card in game. Much of the deck you may find you already own and the remaining stuff you may even be able to trade for with card you currently own, anyway here we go.


Total cost of Pokemon in deck - Would roughly cost 10 packs

to obtain all the Pokemon Cards you would need for this deck

if you didn't own any of them. Most of the cards you could

even get without packs doing card for card trades.



Shelmet - x3 (0.25 packs each)

Accelgor - x2 (0.50 packs each)

Piplup - x4 (0.25 packs each)

Prinplup - x2 (0.33 packs each)

Empoleon - x4 (1.5 packs each)

Emolga - x2 (0.5 packs each)



Total = 10 packs



Total of Items/Supporters/Stadiums in deck - There would be

Roughly 22 packs of cost involved here is you didn't own a

single card from this list. Odds are you can obtain most of

this stuff for other cards in your collection you arent using.

That along with what you may already own from the deck will

drop the cost significantly.



N - x3 (0.5 packs each)

Juniper - x2 (0.5 packs each)

Skyla - x3 (0.5 packs each)

Colress - x3 (0.5 packs each)

Battle City - x1 (1 pack each)

Virbank Gym - x1 (0.5 packs each)

Ultra Ball - x2 (0.5 packs each)

Switch - x3 (0.25 packs each)

Super Rod - x2 (0.5 packs each)

Rare Candy - x3 (0.5 packs each)

Catcher - x4 (0.5 packs each)

Max Potion - x3 (1.5 packs each)

Level Ball - x3 (0.5 packs each)

Comp Search - x1 (3 packs each)



Total = 22 packs



Cost of Energy cards in deck - 2 packs tops here as DCE as

they cost roughly 0.5 packs each. I believe the game gives

you 2 free ones with some of the basic decks as well so it

wont be very hard to obtain these either.



Double Colorless - x4 (0.5 packs each)

Water Energy - x6 (free)



Total = 2 packs



Final Notes - So your total investment for this deck would

Roughly run 35 packs or less if you didn't own a single card

from the deck which seems very unlikely. 35 codes can be

obtained quite cheaply through the interwebs. Also chances are

you may have a promo EX or 2 that you don't really use for

any reason other then its a strong card but it doesn't really

fit the deck strategy you are going with.



Try to trade these cards off to obtain solid attackers that

have a strategy built around them rather then hoping to get

lucky with a big bulky EX that is often high reward high risk

if the deck its in doesn't make sense. Anyway hope this was

helpful and i will be posting more of these in the future.

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I am sure you have come across this deck whether it be on TCGO or other avenues. One thing that doesn't instantly come to mind is how cheap it is to construct this deck. No card in the deck would cost over 2 packs more then likely and with the decks quick and powerful setup i figured it was worth noting in this cheap deck thread.


Cost of Pokemon for deck - Very cheap to obtain the Pokemon

For this deck. Seeing as 8 of the 12 pokemon can be obtained

for probably 2-3 packs value the only thing you need to worry

about is getting your Sigilyph.



Sigilyph - x4 (1 pack each)

Trubbish - x4 (0.25 packs each)

Surskit - x2 (0.25 packs each)

Maquerain - x2 (0.5 packs each)



Total = 6.5 packs



Cost of Items/Supporters/Stadiums for deck - Again another

overall cheaply obtained portion of the deck. Most expensive

card can be obtained for right about 2 packs. Again look to

reduce cost by using cards you own to towards this deck.



Prof Juniper - x4 (0.5 packs each)

N - x4 (0.5 packs each)

Random Receiver - x4 (0.5 packs each)

Bicylce - x4 (0.5 packs each)

Catcher - x4 (0.5 packs each)

Dowsing Machine - x1 (2 packs each)

Float Stone - x3 (0.5 packs each)

Level Ball - x4 (0.5 packs each)

Silver Bangle - x4 (0.5 packs each)

Exp Share - x3 (0.5 packs each)

Silver Mirror - x4 (0.5 packs each)

Eviolite - x2 (0.5 packs each)



Total = 22 packs



Cost of Energy cards for deck - Thanks to free basic energy

you are on the hook for a whopping zero packs here! Unless

you are looking for a specific version of the energy but

then again you wouldn't be looking for cheap deck builds if

that were the case.



Final Notes - This is again another fast moving and strong deck

when it sets up. You will find you can very quickly play down

your hand and go for a supporter or Bicyle to really enhance

your potential damage you can inflict. Of course this deck has

its fall backs but that should be expected for how cheap it is.

All in all you can put this deck together for 29 packs of value

or less depending on what you own and what you can obtain without

spending packs.

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Do you like the sound of hitting for a potential 150 damage for a single fire energy. Well with this deck it can happen,

An active ninetales combo with Amoongus Sporprise and a Virbank

City Gym and look out! Or how about with catcher rule chage

around the corner, could you be looking for a better more

reliabl option. Ninetales Bright Look ability may just be the

answer you were looking for. This like the other decks i have

mentioned is fun, powerful and cheap. Three good things to

look for in any deck, enjoy!



Cost of Pokemon for deck - Just 7 packs or less will likely

allow you to obtain each pokemon needed for this deck. Besides

Ninetales you should have no problem getting the cards for this

deck for equal or less then the price listed next to them.



Volpix - x4 (0.25 packs each)

Ninetales - x4 (1 pack each)

Foongus - x2 (0.25 packs each)

Amoongus - x2 (0.5 packs each)

Emolga - x1 (0.5 packs each)



Total = 7 packs



Cost of Items/Supporters/Stadiums for deck - Fairly cheap again

when it comes to your trainer cards. Many supporters came in the

free decks and you have probably pulled them from time to time

as well so this could drastically reduce the 16 pack price tag

listed below.



Prof Juniper - x4 (0.5 packs each)

N - x4 (0.5 packs each)

Skyla - x2 (0.5 packs each)

Colress - x2 (0.5 packs each)

Level Ball - x3 (0.5 packs each)

Hypnotoxic Laser - x3 (0.5 packs each)

Devolution Spray - x3 (0.5 packs each)

Switch - x2 (0.25 packs each)

Catcher - x2 (0.5 packs each)

Comp Seach - x1 (3 packs each)

Virbank City Gym - x2 (0.5 packs each)



Total = 16 packs



Cost of Energy cards for deck - Free! (only cost would be if

you wanted a specific art of an energy or wanted to replace

fire with a special energy of some kind like Blend PFDG.)



Fire Energy - x8



Final Notes - Yet another very playable fun deck that can hit

pretty hard when it sets up fast enough. Look to obtain the

materials for this deck for 23 packs or less depending on what

you have. If you haven't played this before give it a go, you

will have a lot of fun and it may surprise you with its


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FORUM REVIVAL, Yes I am still alive, I started playing [Content removed - please keep all discussion on the topic of Pokémon. -Prof. Poplar] So, future time, the BEST new cards from XY TCG set going to be released to us on February 4th, 2014! Now, let’s get started, shall we? (Also don’t think I’m going to say Happy New Year and that stuff, I’m not one of those sentimental people if that’s what you’re thinking).

Following the Tradition of absolutely ZERO Secret Rare only cards, EXs, Mega Evolutions, speaking of which, new rule.

NO MEGA EVOLUTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now let’s actually accomplish something

Good Rares


“What makes Delphox so special?” You may ask. The answer is in its ability, “Mystical Fire”. This ability reads “Once during your turn (before your attack), you may draw cards until you have 6 cards in your hand.” This makes Delphox powerful draw engine to use, it draws 2 more cards than Electrode with Magnetic Draw AND even though it’s one less card than Tropical Beach, it doesn’t cost a lot of packs and you don’t have to end your turn! The only downside is Delphox is a Stage 2, but that is it, it also has a competent attack in “Blaze Ball” which costs 3 Colorless Energy, it does +20 for every Fire Energy attached to Delphox, so if you pay those colorless energies with 3 Fire Energies, you get a whopping 110 damage!


Greninja is a very nice support attacker; it’s only attack “Mist Ball” does 50 damage no matter what and only costs one water energy. It also has a nice ability that spreads damage, called “Water Shuriken”, this ability reads “Once during your turn (before your attack), you may discard a Water Energy card from your hand. If you do, put 3 damage counters on 1 of your opponent's Pokémon.” This allows you to do extra damage on your bench for only 1 water energy, is that not nice? Again though, Greninja’s only flaw is it is a 3 Stage evolution stage, so you have to evolve it from Froakie to Frogadier to **************************FONT]


So, you may be thinking, a Stage 2 Pokemon that is originally a bug type in the games? How could this be good!?!?!?! Well, Vivillion might not be able to sit on the Bench like Greninja, but Vivillion has some support that good help your cards greatly! “Combat Powder” for ONE Leaf Energy, you get to choose whether your opponent’s active Pokemon is either asleep or poisoned, so that is one thing. It also has another attack, “Colorful Wind”, which for 3 Colorless Energy does +30 damage for every different energy type attached to Vivillion. So that if you pay the cost with 3 different energies, you get 120 damage! There is also a special card that will help immensely with this attack…


This time, we have a STAGE 1, not Stage 2, STAGE 1. Gogoat is mostly a supporter only, it has a very good attack in “Lead”, for one Colorless Energy, you get to search your deck for TWO Supporter Cards. Gogoat also has this attack “Charge Dash” for one Leaf Energy and two Colorless Energies which does 70 Damage or 90 damage plus 20 damage to Gogoat itself. Use “Lead”, it is better.


Yet another Stage 1 Rare, this one however is a better Gothielle. It has the same ability as Gothielle but a different name, “Forest’s Curse” which says “As long as this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, your opponent can't play any Item cards from his or her hand.” Also it has an attack “Tree Slam”, for a Psychic energy and two Colorless Energy, you do 60 damage and 20 damage to two of your opponent’s benched Pokemon who’s weakness and resistance don’t get applied.


The cotton candy Stage 1 Pokemon has it’s time to shine! The first and not only Fairy type on this list, Slurpuff is a good supporter with its ability “Sweet Veil” which reads “Each of your Pokémon that has any Fairy Energy attached to it can't be affected by any Special Conditions. (Remove any Special Conditions affecting those Pokémon.)” So it is basically a Virizion EX for all Pokemon but instead uses the new Fairy energy, once they add more powerful Fairy Type attackers that isn’t just one EX, maybe then it’ll see some more use. Slurpuff also has the attack “Draining Kiss” which for one Fairy Energy and one colorless energy does 30 damage and heals Slurpuff by 30 HP.


Yes, the second Fairy type on this list, again a Stage 1 Pokemon. Aromatisse’s greatness comes from its ability “Fairy Transfer” which reads “As often as you like during your turn (before your attack), you may move a Fairy Energy attached to 1 of your Pokémon to another of your Pokémon.” So you could make a combo with this with the same “special card” I mentioned for Vivillion. Aromatisse also has an attack “Fairy Wind” which costs two Fairy energies and one colorless energy, it does simply 60 damage only.


Is that a bird, it is it a fire type, AAAAH, STAGE 2!!! Talonflame is a Stage 2 Fire Type card that has two impressive attacks, first attack is the real kicker “Devastating Blow” for one colorless energy which makes your opponent shuffle their hand back into their deck and draw four cards, so if your opponent likes to Tropical Beach a lot, use your little friend here to set them straight. So you can potentially cut your opponent’s hand with Talonflame, Talonflame also has “Flare Blitz” which does 100 damage for two fire energy AND you must discard all fire energies attached to Talonflame, still pretty good since it is only two fire energy.


This card is an extremely good Stage 1 Psychic Type Pokemon, its attacks are cheap and pair up well with Damage Swap Reuniclus and Sinister Hand Dusknoir. “Eerie Singing Voice” for one Psychic Energy does 20 damage to ALL of your opponent’s active Pokemon. Next up is “Soul Scream” which for two Psychic Energy puts Gourgiest and your opponent’s active Pokemon have only 10 HP left. Make up your own combos with Reuniclus Damage Swap, Sinister Hand Dusknoir, and Royal Heal Serperior using this gem of a card.

Good Uncommons


Oh my lord, A NON KALOS POKEMON that is Stage 1 too, Fairy Type, and is half Supporter and has a devastating attack. “Gather Energy” for one Colorless energy you search your deck and attach one energy you find from it and attach to any of your active Pokemon. Then here is it’s evil attack, “Bump Loving”, for one fairy energy and two colorless energy, this Pokemon does 60 damage and “Your opponent's Active Pokémon can't attack during your opponent's next turn.” And the strangest part of all, THIS IS AN UNCOMMON!!!! If your opponent can’t do 100 damage at once nor has a switch, they are in turmoil.


Yet another Stage 1, Colorless Type too. It’s ability “Drive Off” is pretty powerful, it reads “Once during your turn (before your attack), if this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, you may have your opponent switch his or her Active Pokémon with 1 of his or her Benched Pokémon.” It is a good trump card and it has a triple colorless energy attack that does 60 damage only. It is good for an uncommon.


Another Stage 1 that this time is Fighting type, Dugtrio has one cheap attack that can help a lot. “Earthquake” for one Fighting Energy does 60 damage AND does 10 damage to all of your benched Pokemon (Donphan Prime much?). Dugtrio also has “Rock Tumble” which does 60 damage and isn’t affect by resistance but it is one fighting energy AND two colorless energies.

A good common


A BASIC Pokemon, with one very nice attack, for one Leaf Energy you switch your opponent’s Pokemon with one of their benched ones. It is Pokemon Catcher without the coin flip! Volbeat also has an attack “Signal Beam” which for one Leaf Energy and one colorless energy does 30 damage and confusion (NO COIN FLIP TOO!!!) Volbeat also has a retreat cost of one too.

Trainer Cards

Man, has XY introduced some great new trainer cards

Rainbow Energy

Unlike other incarnations of this card, this Special Energy card provides every energy INCLUDING Fairy. This card provides one of ANY energy but is colorless while in your hand. So you can use this with Vivillion to max out it’s attack or use Slurpuff and Aromatisse to spread immunity to special conditions. Only four per deck, but it is still a great card!

Max Revive

Shuffle one Pokemon from your discard pile back into your deck, it isn’t an Ace Spec so why not?

Evolution *********************FONT]

With this card, you search your deck for a Stage 1 Pokemon and put it onto the Pokemon you want to evolve. This makes evolving Stage 1’s a piece of cake!

Muscle Band

A Tool Card that makes all your Pokemon’s attacks doe +20 more damage! Awesome, right?

Hard Charm

A Tool Card that gives -20 Damage from attacks after weakness and resistance is applied, unlike Eviolite ANY Pokemon can use it.

Team Flare Grunt

A Supporter card that removes one Energy attached to your opponent’s Pokemon, no coin flip attached to this deal, but you can only play it ONCE per turn since it’s a supporter unless you use Dual Brains Magnezone.


Cheren Reprint

Professor Sycamore

Professor Juniper Reprint

Professor’s Letter

An Item card that allows you to search your deck for two BASIC energies and you then put them into your hand.

That’s it for now, I’ll talk about Cassius, Aegislash, and some more cards later.


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ninja's deck is cheap and good, you can play it with safeguard's sigilyph- skyarrow bridge or accelgor - virbank

fliptiny with yanmega, you could also add audino, munna and lasers

an unlimited deck, dinamotor's eelektrik - zekrom


stage 2 decks will need electrode at least to replace tropical

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Also, just for kicks and giggles. All Dusknoir/Gourgeist archetypes decks are ripping me off, I WAS THE FIRST WHO APPLIED A PATENT FOR THIS DECK!!!!

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Also, not many good cards in Wild Blaze except a few trainer cards and Pyroar, I feel Wild Blaze is one of the weaker sets, also EXs seem to be weaker these days.

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