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Team Plasma/Frozen City Deck: Advice for a Newbie


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Hey guys, I’m really new to the game and wanted to build my own deck rather than just copy a pre-set one. I’ve been having pretty good success with my “Team Lazarus” deck, I was wondering if anyone could offer their suggestions on how to improve it (as I mentioned earlier I am new so apologies in advance for any obvious mistakes I make, please be gentle :P)



x4 x 1 Leafeon (TP)

“ ”x 2 Espeon (TP)

x2 Tropius

x1 Deoxys EX (TP)

x1 Genesect EX (TP)

x2 x1 Beheeyem (TP)

x2 x1 Weezing (TP)


TOOLS: (24)

Colourless Machine

X2 Hypnotoxic Laser

X3 Pokemon Catcher

X2 Switch

X3 Team Plasma Ball

X2 Tool Scrapper




Shadow Triad

X3 Skyla

X2 Frozen City




ENERGY: (19)

X7 Grass

X7 Psychic

X3 Blend (grass & psychic)

X2 Plasma



As you can see, the main priority is to run as many high damage/low cost pokemon as possible. Skyla’s/TP Balls and “call for evolution” allow me to pretty much choose my bench. The second priority is to throw down the Frozen City stadium card and abuse my heavy TP line up. In terms of wins I’m currently 39 and 11 (78%) on expert PvP which is fantastic but I still feel there’s wasted potential in the deck. Even with 2 tool scrappers silver mirror shuts this deck down pretty hard (although strangely I haven’t seen a single mirror been played in the last 2 weeks, I guess team plasma pokemon aren’t “in vogue” anymore?). I’ve also had a little trouble with Darkrai decks.


Espeon is definitely my MVP, so easy to get out quickly (I rarely don’t have an Espeon by turn 3) and for 1 energy her attack is incredible. The ability to deal weakness damage to beach completely wrecks Psy decks. So even if the number 1 TCG player in the world told me to ditch Espeon, I still probably wouldn’t :P


Beheeyem and Weezing are the dark sheep, Beheeyem seemed really good on paper (heal up to 6 damage from all of your pokemon and place it on the defending pokemon) but at 3 energy I’m starting to think it’s a little too gimmicky. Same with Weezing, 20 + 20 to all bench sounds really good on paper but I almost never use it. Any suggestions? I’ve been considering getting another Deoxys adding some more plasma and ditching Weezing and Beheeyem all together.


Any advice on the trainers is welcome, I don’t really know what I’m doing there.


While my energy does look like a lot (19 in total) it actually feels really good in game, after a little tweeking I’ve never had a game where I felt like I had too much or too little energy. I feel like that’s fine but again any suggestions are welcome.

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just wondering, were you playing expert unlimited or expert modified? would be quite surprised that it did so well in modified expert.


i think overall you need to get more of the same pokemon, 1 of everything makes things very messy, it basically means you're just gonna play whatever is given to you and performance will vary drastically depending on what you get. adding deoxys might not be a bad idea but just bear in mind that the more u bench the more u have to look after them since they do give up 2 prizes if knocked out.


supporter line needs to increase for sure, junipers and N are almost a staple for every deck these days.Ghetsis can be useful but quite unreliable. I personally don't find cilan that good, getting 3 energy in a turn just lets your opponent know that you've got energy in hand and they could choose to just play N and shuffle all that energy back into your deck again. plus if you play as much as 19 energy I don't see cilan being that necessary.


i definitely don't like beheeyem either, I've tried it myself and it really isn't as good as it sounds. but weezing can be pretty useful, if you manage to catcher out a heavy retreat pokemon and leave it stuck there you can snipe the bench over and over. and it helps deck out the opponent when it gets ko-ed


not sure if the low plasma energy and colress machine count is dependable


yea the deck definitely is very vulnerable to mirros and you've taken that into account with tool scrappers and skylas to get them so I think thats a good precaution. most top decks don't run mirros I think because they tend to have EXs and exs don't benefit from mirrors. the time you will meet mirros are probabaly when facing suicune/terrakion decks, which arebasically designed to target down popular decks that run heavy EXs/Darkrai/Plasma


energy count definitely is high in my opinion but if it works for you I won't comment too much on that

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Didn’t realise there was two different options, I’ve been playing on the default (unlimited) I assume if I select modified I’ll be put against a much higher calibre of player? Okay, I’ll completely remove Beheeyem, Cilan and some energy and throw in some better supports. Thanks for the advice.

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Modified Expert Mode is fill with Players playing Top Tier Decks like TDK, Darkrai EX, Keldeo EX/Blastoise and many more. In Unlimited, I usually find player who just start the game and play expert for free tokens. The only deck that I can think of that are very strong and you cannot find them in Modifed Expert is Rayeels.

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