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T> Exs to finish my dragonite/garbodor deck.


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I'm looking to put together my dragonite/garbodor deck online and i need a few more cards.



2 Garbodor with Garbotoxin

4 Double Colorless Energy

3 Level Balls

3 Hypnotoxic Lasers

2 Virbank City Gym

2 Hugh


Exs For trade:

Deoxys Ex FA

Lugia Ex Fa

Palkia Ex Fa

Virizion Ex Fa

Dialga Ex

Jirachi Ex

Latias Ex

Latios Ex

Lugia Ex

Palkia Ex

Reshiram Ex x2

Thundurus Ex x2

Virizion Ex

Virizion SR PLB (not ex but rare i guess)


Also looking for:

Dusknoir BCR


Flygon BCR

Kingdra PLF

Blend Energy

Prism Energy


Enhanced Hammers

Other Staple cards


If you are looking for something not an ex, just ask and i'll take a look if i have it.

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