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Best/ Most consistent Anti Meta Flareon/Drifblim/Leafeon list?


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Looking for the best anti meta deck. Right now I have


4x Eevee

4x Flareon

2x Leafeon

4x Drifloon

2x Drifblim PB

2x Drifblim DEX

4x Audino

1x Mr. Mime

1x Sawk PB


1x Enhanced Hammer

3x Pokemon Catcher

1x Switch

1x Random Receiver

1x Tool Scrapper

3x Ultra Ball

2x Silver Bangle

2x Silver Mirror

1x Life Dew


4x N

4x Professor Juniper

2x Skyla

1x Colress


2x Pokemon Center


4x Fighting Energy

4x Double Colorless Energy

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contect are quite similiar to Dylan Bryan's deck in the Klackzynski Open, i think the little differences are that he runs terrakion and a small garbodor line.


trainer numbers also were a bit different.


at this point I think only field testing would tell you what needs work.

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