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This is my Genesect/Virizon deck




2x Genesect ex

2x Virizion ex

1x Bouffalont

1 Tropius



4x Pokemon Chatcher

4x Professor Juniper

3x N

3x Skyla

2x Bicycle

3x Switch

2x Skyarrow Bridge

1x Tool Scrapper

4x Colress Machine

4x Ultra Ball

1x Swadow Triad

1x G Scope (or G Booster ? )


Energy: 15

11x Grass

4x Plasma



What do you think? Now the ratio is 12/13

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Most people would say to go for G booster. G Booster Genesect to hit for 200, no questions asked. Safeguard, Silver Mirror, or any other ability. Doesnt stop it.


I will always tell this to everyone as well. You want to run 3 Colress Machines max. There is a good chance you will draw one of your plasma before you run into all 4 colress machine, or one might be prized. Thus the 4th becomes useless.


Also i understand Boufolant. But i have to say no. it takes 3 energy to do 60, 120 to Ex pokemon. Its nice that it also takes 20 less damage. 3 energy is a lot to put on a secondary attacker that is just there to take care of Safeguard and silver mirror pokemon. I guess also Victini Ex.


I suggest Tropius, 1 energy cost return to help draw cards. Its second attack for 2 energy is basically a weaker version of Deoxys' attack. Pretty good. Plus its a grass type so Genesect can call for it. Theres a good chance that it will never hit for 120 very often. But it does hit over 60 much of the time. Plus starting with Bouffer is just terrible. At least Tropius has return.

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not too much experience with Virizion genesect yet so my comments might not be that useful


Agree with most of Ivy's stuff:

g booster is preferable


3 colress makes sense, not to mention sometimes u might not want to colress the plasma on, u might want to manually attach for red signal, which makes me wonder if 2 might make sense


in the vir/gen decks I've seen the the plasma badge idea doesn't often work out, in order for an emerald slash on turn 1 you're expecting virizion ex, grass energy, colress machine, plasma badge and a genesect ex to attach to, which seems like a lot of stuff to hope for from a hand of 8. In addition to that you get another pokemon vulnerable to silver mirror.


I like the idea of Tropius for exactly those reasons.


I have heard of some people who used dce in their decks as well, basically that way when u g booster u just discard a dce, but I dunno how useful that really is


given the fact that you're hoping to get free retreat from skyarrow, and that most pokemon retreat with 1, and the fact that virizion ex should protect you from sleep/paralysis/etc, maybe don't need that many switches?


same with catcher and red signal


maybe switch an ultraball for plasma ball?




Again just reminder I have NO experience playing vir/gen myself so for all I know this is all rubbish, but just throwing it out there for some brainstorming.

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On Tropius I supposed to do another deck (removing bouffalont)



I use 4 colress machine because Virizon may already attacking in round 1 when equipped by Team Plasma Badge (if I do not have one of these two cards I can always hope Skyla or Professor Juniper) ........... ........ same thing Bouffalont. I use it because there might be Victini and Tropius has a weakness.

For now it works very well the deck, only missing the "finishing touch"



Agree on removing at least one switch and add another skyarrow.



So what do I do? You could put Tropius but instead of what?



Sorry for my English but I'm Italian and Italian forum is not very active. I hope you understand.

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Again just reminder I have NO experience playing vir/gen myself so for all I know this is all rubbish, but just throwing it out there for some brainstorming.

Are you crazy? This deck is perfect :D (I lost a match because there were Heatmor deck :D )

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was referring to my comments, not the deck.


P.S. losing to heatmor is very sad

I'm sorry I did not realize ;).


On Tropius? What do I do? I honestly prefer Bouffalont

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If you like the Bouffer, use it. We are just saying that Tropius is overall a better pick. But, its your deck. Do what you gotta do. You were given reasons why, Tropius is better than Bouffer in almost every way, aside from Exs. If you still want to play it, then keep it in.


Also for the Red Signal and Catchers. Red Signal is no substitute. There will be time when you have plasma in your hand. But if you also have grass energy, you wont be playing the plasma. Unless you are just attaching it to genesect because it needs it, you can red signal. Dont force it though, it usually tends to be a misplay.

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You could try a non Virizion EX. It allows you to draw cards and its second attack can be potent at times.

This is an idea.

I see many decks with Virizion no ex...........I will try :)


P.S: 21 wins, 2 lose (I hate Heatmor now)

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