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Staraptor deck?


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This is more or less what I made out, not identical but should be close


2 Emolga

4 Starly

1 Staravia

4 Staraptor

3 Victini ex


1 Scramble


2 Aspertia


2 Random

4 Level

3 Ultra

2 Switch

4 Candy

4 Catcher


2 Skyla

4 Juniper

4 N

1 Ghetsis



9 Fire

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you may want to consider victory piece over scramble switch, so you might be able to avoid dropping energy on victini at all. Though its hard to deny how good scramble switch is for this deck.


Giant capes are also an option with Aspertia. Giving staraptor 170 hp, rather huge for a non ex pokemon. Not too many things can hit for 170 without the aid of silver bangle. If they cant OHKO you, they go right back into the deck.

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If you're interested in the Unlimited Format, may I suggest:


4 Celebi

3 Carnivine

2 Smeargle

1 Jirachi


4 Level Ball

4 Switch

4 Ether

3 Pokedex

4 Bicycle

2 Skyarrow Bridge


1 Seeker


14 Grass Energy.



The key to this deck is to pull of Carnivine's second attack in the first turn - not too big a challenge.

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