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are you making these beginner mistakes


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basically this is a thread to compile a list of common mistakes/misconceptions that beginners make when playing the game. Keep in mind its meant for GAMEPLAY mistakes only so stuff like conduct/behavious in forums and stuff don't fall in this category.


here's one to get started

I must play every single card in my hand because the game told me to

not true, that is how the game's AI plays. A card that is highlighted does not mean you must play it, it just means that you can play it. sometimes certain cards may work better for you if you held it for a few more turns rather than play them straight away, some examples:

Potion - if your opponents is about to deal 80 damage to knock out your pokemon with 10 hp left, your potion is not going to prevent your pokemon from being knocked out, so better if you save your potions for situations that would actually help.

Cilan - if you've already attached energy for the turn, there's no point using Cilan on that same turn to get 3 more energy that you can't use that turn, your opponent could potentially play an N and just shuffle all that energy away and give you a new hand (which might have energy on it, effectively wasting your Cilan)

Conkeldurr - Conkeldur is probably the star of the basic Orange deck and so a lot of beginners like to use him. However if your opponent is attacking at a rate faster than you can increase his hp with the energy attachment, your energy is better used to prep your other pokemon on the bench

poke/ultra/level etc -balls - same logic as Cilan, if you've just played down the Eevee, there's no point in using ultraball on the same turn to get your jolteon out since you can't evolve him. Again your opponent could see you get your jolteon and decide to play the N to shuffle that Jolteon back into your deck, wasting your ultraball, as well as the 2 cards you discarded.

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