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My Kingdra Deck


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Hello fellows, I am playing pokemon tcg more than 10 years, since the early days of base set :D .

I really like battles but mostly i like building cool decks and test them. The following deck's idea is based on the old Feraligatr's poke power (from neo genesis set :) ) and uses water energys from your discard pile.

On the current deck Kingdra (froma plasma freeze) is the main pokemon, with the backup of cards that let you discard energys from your hand.

Firstly, the decklist:




4-0-3 Kingdra (Plasma Freeze)

2 Emolga (call for family)

2 Sableye (junk hunt)

1 Keldeo Ex





3 Bicycle

4 Pokemon Catcher

4 Hypnotoxic Laser

1 Computer Search

4 Ultra Ball

3 Rare Candies

1 Super Rod

1 Float Stone




4 N

4 Professor Juniper

2 Skyla

1 Colress




2 Virbank City Gym



Energies: 14

10 Water

4 Dark





So, the main point of the deck is based on discarding water energys from your hand early in the game, whlie using emolga and sableye in the active position for a quick set up, and hurting your opponent with catcers and lasers (re-using them every turn with junk hunt).

While you have enough energys in your discard pile you can bring Kingdra in the active position and use his two cheap attacks depending on the situation.

Tri Bullet is really usefull when your opponent has a high retreating - poisoned active and you can hurt their bench or for multiple K-O's.

Dragon Vortex is the main attack and deck's heart ;). You can cather an Ex from their bench and do a maximum 180 damage (without using any lasers, just the maximum 9 water energys on you discard pile). After doing damage the energys return into your deck so the next turn you should promote Sableye and use junk hunt to crab an ultra ball, a bicycle, a comp search, and /or cather/laser/rare candy. This way you can discard things each turn, draw energys and discard them again while you built an other Kingdra or disrupt your opponent with lasers and catchers.

Keldeo Ex (with float stone) is used for the free retreat each turn (so you dont waste your 4 dark energys for retreating Sableye) or for discarding 2 water energys attached to Keldeo for the retreat cost if you don't have float stone attached. At the same time Keldeo Ex can easily act as a game finisher, for your last few prizes.

Anyway, it's obvious that this deck is not a tourney winning one, but is really fun to play and can give you stylish wins ;) .It can deal well enough with most Ex's and with the current meta. (except Virizion :P). It counts some brave victories against many Darkrai - Hydregion decks and hay varriants.

Any comments, advices and/or fixes are really welcomed.

If you find this deck interesting and difference is your thing check it out and let me know!

Thanks for reading!! :)

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I like the idea and strategy does make sense. I've certainly thought about doing a deck like this before, someone once gave me an idea to use this with Black Kyurem ex where he would deal 200 damage for you while also discarding 3 energy. but I still feel overall the setup takes longer than I would've liked.

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So i built a kingdra deck before. It worked pretty well. Heres a little advice.


I dont suggest sableye. It throws off your energy count, it takes a turn to get your items back, and overall its just going to slow you down since you dont have a good and consistent hitter to rely on.


I dont think its wise to waste cards on hypnotoxic/virbank. Sure its a good combo. It just doesn't do as much for you as lets say max potion would.


Add dowsing machine instead of computer search. heres why. You can dowsing machine to discard 2 energy from hand, to get an ultra ball or juniper in your discard to allow you to discard more. This way you can conserve the discarding cards you have left by using ones you already used.


Replace Colress with Cilan. Reasoning being that its you can easily grab 3 energy to discard with other cards in hand. Later in the game you can use dowsing machine to grab the same cilan to grab 3 more energy you shuffled back into your deck back to your hand.


You probably want 4 rare candy since you are using super rod. Even if you super rod a kingdra back into your deck you cant evolve it anyway without more rare candy. For the same reason you should also have 1 seadra. This way if you do happen to run out of rare candy or some are prized, or under item lock. You still have a chance to get a kingdra out.


Also dont use emolga. Reasoning is that it is just another pokemon weak to electric. Instead use shaymin if you really want a call for family. This way after you use it you can retreat and discard the energy attached to it. If you have enough drawing cards it usually isn't too much of a problem.


Cards to consider:

-Miltank PLF: It can fully heal kingdra as well as discard all the energy on it at the same time using it's second attack. This way whenever you have a free energy attachment turn, just slap it onto miltank for later use. The more energy on it the more useful it can become as an energy discarder.

-Kyurem PLS: Granted you probably always want to attack with Kingdra. Though this way if you run into an opponent who is a fast starter, you can have some sort of response with frost spear or blizzard burn. With keldeo ex it can attack every turn with blizzard burn.

-Max Potion: Almost required in this deck. Allows you to discard all energy attached to a pokemon to fully heal it. With Kingdra only needed 1 energy, you can max potion on it and then attach energy and continue attacking.

-Electrode (Magnetic Draw): This deck destroys its hand really quickly, with magnetic draw it allows you draw more cards, not needing bicycles or supporters. Helping you get more energy into the discard. This can also protect you from late game Ns.

-Silver Bangle: A few of these could also be nice. Being able to hit Ex pokemon for 60 with tri bullet, or doing 30 more damage with its other attack needing less energy is also quite nice.


Thats all for now. let me know how you feel about my suggestions before i make anymore.

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Really nice suggestions IVY_PROFEN !!

I agree with the mosts of them.


Replacing emolga with Shaymin is wise, since i can discard that energy later by retreating.


Also I need to find 2 Kyurem PLS in order to have a backup hitter and add a 3-2 Electrode line for drawning cards each turn. This way i can easily drop the bicycles, lasers/virbank gym and add 4 max potions and also a couple of Silver Bangle.


Then Sableyes have to go too in order to strength the Kingdra line by adding a Seadra and drop the 4 darkness energys.

This way i can drop the energy count to 12 or 13 water! ;)


Also i need a default gym, how about 2 poke centers? :)


Thanks a lot!

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no on the pokecenters. It sort of makes kingdra moot. Sinces its first attack hits the bench, you dont want them to heal their bench as well. There isn't really a good stadium for this deck. You could use battle city perhaps. Other than that just any stadium to counter other stadiums that no one uses could also work. Aspertia or twisted mountain are a few of them. Though if you use miltank, aspertia could make miltank hard to OHKO. All you really want to do is get rid of frozen city, virbank, or sky arrow.


Though your deck may not need a counter stadium at all. You dont particularly fear frozen city, since your attackers are either plasma or only use 1 energy. Virbank isnt too much of a threat either if you carry keldeo ex + float stone. Skyarrow might be one of the only gyms that might be terrible for you since it doesn't help you in anyway but can greatly benefit your opponent. Though with keldeo ex, it can then rush in and retreat with only 1 energy, not having to rely on float stone and getting an energy into the discard.


Hmm maybe you should run sky arrow?

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I run a Kingdra/Altaria/Keldeo deck myself for fun. I will say that it should be a priority to add at least 2 Seadra's into your deck for more consistency. While our decks are run differently (mine using TriBullet to deal anywhere from 30 to 90 DMG on active and 30 to bench), not having any Stage 1's in your deck will throw off how well you can set up Kingdras'.


Good luck with your deck!

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You might wanna try using rare golduck from boundaries crossed set, the one with attack for 2water for 90dmg but you need to discard both :) i wanted to try out this strategy: 4-2-4 kingdra and 4-4 golduck but you would propably need at least 2-0-2 deluge blastoise for this and 4 cilans to keep pushing and kindra for final blows.

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  • 3 months later...

Hello again my friends!! I reopen this thread because i made some major changes to the Kingdra's Fury (my kingdra deck name :D), and the results where great, so i wanna share them with you!!

I have described the deck's strategy in my first post, so i am not gonna repeat myself here. I playtested it mostly in unlimited format but also played several matches against the most common decks in the current meta in modified.


The major changes have taken place mostly in the pokemon area, making both my draws and choices more stable and safe. I decided to get rid of all secondary role pokemon(such as sableye - emolga) and focus entirely on Kingdra's combo. Sableye (and hypnotoxic Laser/Virbank as you'll see in the trainer area) have to go in order to boost water type energy and load Kingdra's dragon vortex much easier and more frequently. Emolga on the other hand doesn't worth the space in this deck unless you open up with it (even then there are better options), cause in mid game it's just a pokemon on your bench with no real purpose (except the free retreat :D). In their place i add 4 copies of Cryogonal (PF), a vital card for this deck! It is basically your back up hitter/staller, and your only way to discard those water energys mid-late game when you have run out of ultra balls, max potions and junipers. Your opponent has to retreat or switch in order to attack when you have used Cryofreeze. This way you can discard the exact nuber of energys you need to knock out this stupid 180 HP EX with Dragon Vortex next turn. Alternatively, you can grab your Keldeo EX, a Horsea or a Seadra (i also add 1 Seadra for the times you miss the rare candy) with Call Sign. You can repeat the cycle as many times as needed but in the meantime you can also harass your opponent with Tri Bullet to grab some easy prizes!


In trainer area there were some major changes also. I get rid of the following:

1) cathers since the flip doesn't worth it.

2) hypnotoxic lasers, Virbank Gym, since no sableyes are there to abusse them again and again.

I decide to add 2 Cilan for drawing the energys i need to discard easier, 2 Tool Scrappers for opponent's float stones and other annoying tools (thanks God there are plenty of them :D). I add 4 Max Potion, since Kingdra requires only 1 energy to attack this is a great way to get rid of damage and also load your discard pile with much needed energys :D. Some other minor changes wich will be seen straight on the decklist.


Finally, in the energy area there is no space for other type other than water. So i go 14 water for more stabillity.

Lets take a look at the final Decklist:





4-1-3 [Kingdra] (PF)

4 Cryogonal (PF)

1 Keldeo Ex (BC)





2 Bicycle

2 Tool Scrapper

1 Computer Search

4 Ultra Ball

4 Max Potion

3 Rare Candy

1 Super Rod

2 Float Stone

2 Silver Bangle




4 N

4 Professor Juniper

2 Skyla

2 Cilan


Energies: 14


14 Water

Any comments are welcomed!! Until the next fix i wish you all good luck and much fun :D !

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You could try Kyurem Ex from Plasma Blast. Not as strong as the Black version, but discards 2 water energy rather than 3, so it's more achievable without Blastoise, though it would need DCE at least(which is a little disappointing as Electric energy still works for Kindra). Even if you just had a couple and used Energy Switch to swap water energy off Cryogonal(or another cheap attacker) to Kyurem Ex, rather than using Cryofreeze which is rendered useless by a live Keldeo Ex or Virizion Ex. Sure Tool Scrapper can hit their Float Stone, but competitive decks run 3-4 Floatstone anyway and paying energy to stall isn't as good as hitting for 150, IMO.

Another interesting option is Staryu. Recover may not be much use on a 60 HP Pokemon, but if you used Mew Ex to copy attacks then you can heal significantly more. Downside is that 120 hp is still low for a Pokemon Ex and will often cost you.


Aside from that I think a second Keldeo Ex would make a great deal of sense, especially given you're running pure water. Mr Mime's always a good option, too. 1-2 more Basics wouldn't hurt; 10 is usually considered standard.


I actually posted a deck similar to this myself, but there was some forum error and the thread was lost. That was a Black Kyurem Ex/Blastie version, which is not as bad as it might sound. Chrono is right about setup, in a way, but the difference compared to most decks that would use multiple Stage 2's is the timing. Blastoise is important to set up early, but Kingdra can come into play later, meaning there's not really a conflict of interests in regards to prioritisation.

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Dusknoir should be considered. Its really good. Utilises the spread damage,(every single damage counter). opponents stall has no effect, and since catcher has changed. more damaged pokemon are safe to sit on bench with 10 damage left and not giving away prizes. And dusknoir is more easier to play than before because of catcher change again.


Also since kingdra attack is something you want to one shot, since it takes up time to build up the first move again. Dusknoir an help achieve this. you dont want to jeopardise the rest of your turns by using the attack and it hasnt even got a ko.


Also dusknoir is a sneaky way to grab up any mr mimes, most decks run single copy and it is quite a dent to your deck play if not dealed with.


so running 2-0-2 dusknoir is an option also.

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