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Trainer Challenge the ultimate guide!!


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This guide going to help and explain how the Trainer challenge work and how to unlock a lot of tokens and cards with it::o


First of all there 4 star for every trainer opponent!! If you play again and again with the same opponent then sooner or later you going to unlock 1 star!! here the rewards:


1 star: 1 token (+1 token for *overall win*)


2 star: 3 tokens


3 star: 10 tokens


4 star: booster pack (10 cards)


Play expert level for more faster way:p


When you unlock all stars for a league city then you unlock a special price (4 booster packs= 40 cards) there are 3 available cities then that mean you are able to unlock 3 special prices;)


After unlock these 3 special prices the trainer challenge finished??:( No at all:;)


*Overall wins*


when you duel for first time with a deck theme agaist an opponent then automatically after only you win you get an overall win (reward: 1 token);)


This work also for deck themes you buy for shop or deck themes you unlock for redeem codes buying deck themes with original money. Depending for the available deck themes on shop you can take 288 tokens for sure!!:P


Also if you not figure out yet trainer challenge upgrade your deck theme with better cards!!:rolleyes:


I hope this guide help you to unlock a lot of tokens and cards!!:)

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Of course mcnichoj!! I also be glad to hear that you are interesting to make a guide for trainer challenge too!!:o Please make this guide and don't worry if you use also some information's i already post here!!:P Remember that any extra guide for pokemon online tcg going to help more people for sure!!


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Thanks for the update now trainer challenge is a lot more easy to beat because there is a big amount of deck themes you can use against trainer challenge opponents!!:)

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