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Can't access "packs"


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Hi everybody

Whenever i open the "packs" option under "collection" in "cards" the game crashes. I have just redeemed some boosters, and i where looking forward to trying out this game.

I have tried to reinstall the game, using Internet Explorer, after i saw there might be problems using Chrome, but it made no difference

Hope you can help me



PS: it also crashed, whenever i get an achievement, for example, when i changed my avatar, and the lady pops up to congratulate me.


I found a way to solve the problem with packs.

Completely reinstall the game by deleting it in control panel, and then deleting roaming and LocalLow in AppData, then installing the game

This does not, however, solve the achievement problem, and I have now discovered another bug. When i was playing a training battle, it suddently crashed mid-battle.

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