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ACES Guild Rendezvous !


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Hello and welcome fellow ACES members!

Due to the time zone differences in our countries, I have created this thread so that we can easily keep in touch with each other. Any queries/questions regarding the tournament, or anything for that matter, can be talked about here.

It also serves the purpose of knowing all the team members, so that you can recognize them once you meet them.


For now, please respond to this thread below so that me and other members can know who all can be reached through here.

The tournament starts from 23rd September.

The first round will last about a week, but the exact dates can be found at the D'Battlemasters Challenge thread in PvP discussions.

As per its rules, a guild must have at least 5 members, and only 3 will actively participate in the tournament.

The 3 names have not yet been decided by me yet, but i will put them up soon.


This is gsingh, checking in ;)

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Current Members:-








hypnotoxic ( GMT - 8)

chronophysicist (GMT + 10)



Battle Orders:


ACES1 : 1. Bruce_Lee_127 2.gsingh 3. rayquazadragon9


ACES2 : 1.hypnotoxic 2.EiLeRz 3.75EATLEAD


The first round is now over, and ACES1 can finally get off their lazy bums and start battling xD

The draw of ACES2 is now over with, and it ended with both guilds DQed as the deciding match also could not be played.Hence, PB Guild has got a bye to the finals, and ACES1 will battle Ferocious Bang Guild. The deadline has been extended to October 12, so please try to finish your matches!

The matchups for the second round have been posted on the DBattlemaster's thread. Check it out, and start battling!

I would like to meet each one of you before every battle, so if you are on, pm me.

All the best for round 2 ACES1!! :D

Grab a win for us!

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i got to know that now :P

but i still dont figure out how they work it up to an offence. Since it is my info, it is upto me if i choose to share it or not.

plus, the lack of a groups chat/collective is a huge drawback. one has to come up with alternatives.

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hey LamC!

sure you can join!

But i am afraid our battle orders have already been submitted for this month.

But i assure you that you can participate in the next month's D"Battlemasters challenge from our guild.

Meet me in the game if you can :)

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HEy man, as requested these are the cards I am looking for this week. Ill post the others as I get to the sets they are in:


Call of legends: (Holo or normal i dont care)


94 Dark energy holo

91 Electric energy holo

93 Fighting energy holo

90 Water energy holo

89 Fire energy holo

88 Grass energy holo

SL 1 Deoxys

SL 2 Dialga

SL 3 Entei

SL 4 Groudon

SL 5 Ho-Oh

SL 6 Kyogre

SL 8 Palkia

SL 9 Raikou

SL 10 Rayquaza

SL 11 Suicane



5 Forretress

15 Lugia

17 Ninetails

23 Amphoros

34 Tangrowth

35 Typlosion

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