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Beedrill deck help?


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I could use help since I am seriously not pro. I found a deck thats extremely fun. I have been playing it online, and it is actually awesome since everyone is using plasma or EX heavy decks, it is surprisingly effective.


Here is the things I have noticed: if I play against an EX heavy deck, I do extremely well. However, if they AREN'T running EX cards...its problematic. I am likely to deck out before I accumulate prizes fast enough. Another issue I am having is...its very very slow to start. its really horrific and intimidating when I start a weedle and nothing else and there isn't a supporter in sight. I literally have to hope my opponent Ns or something occasionally, and that's not good.


the good about this though: it works really great. It forces opponents to waste a lot of resources retreating and switching, and even when I see the dreaded keldeo with a float stone, he goes down very easily. Blastoise is kinda easy to deal with too, strangely enough. Its not effected by garbador or barely is, and anti-plasma cards don't do anything to this deck.


So this is the deck. I am not too pro at playing it, so that could explain why I run into the issues I do, but I thought maybe it needs more supporters or random recievers? also please don't just say "this won't work, scrap the deck" because it DOES work, I am currently 8:2 with it. It's just very touch and go sometimes in the beginning, but when its set up, it works very well.


Pokemon: (15)

Weedle x4 (PSF)

Kakuna x2 (PSF)

Beedrill x4 (PSF)

Emolga x1 (dragons exalted, call family ability. better than shaymin only because free retreat)

Mr. Mime x1 (PSF. Barrier is really needed, especially for the darkrai match up or anything that hits bench...)

Sableye x2 (DRX Junk hunt is extremely useful in this deck, it really helps me recycle or even get back something that needed to be pitched initially, like a candy or max potion)

Audino x1 (boundries crossed. busy body to undo status ailments done to me. its problematic when HTL puts my beedrills to sleep...)


Trainers: (34)

Dowsing Machine

level ball x2

max potion x3

catcher x2

rare candy x4

super rod


tool scrapper

ultra ball x3

virbank city gym x2

Rescue scarf x2 (get back beedrills and such after they get knocked out. cus they will.)



colress x2

N x4

Juniper x4

Skyla x2


Energy: (11)

grass x6


Blend energy GFPD x4


The free switching of streaming beedrills and max potions to keep them free of damage, while confusing AND poisoning is very effective. I lose some beedrills, but they are recycled easily enough, and while I lose one prize, I am netting two of EX cards. That said, if I play deck WITHOUT ex cards...I tend to deck out. thats probably my own inexperience rather than the deck fault. I net decked this, and the guy was really impressive. Getting a low hand/really lacking resources, seems to be kinda a real issue. Thats why I am wondering should I add more supporters like cheren or even possibly bianca, or maybe cards like random reciver and really go for hitting the colress or juniper or n?


Also, credit to Pooka the deck designer for this deck. You can look him up, his videos are really good and I feel like I learned a lot, this is his deck. I found it to be quite fun and worth playing, hopefully you guys do too.

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yes pooka's deck tends to be quite well made so I don't think I'd improve much on it. my version runs more healing pokemon because I didn't have the resources to replicate Pooka's. I run some serperiors to heal off the bees as well as pokemon center. more clunky because 2 stage2s but yea I think Pooka's build is pretty solid.

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Its working really amazing, the fact I can play in novice to practice, and its actually fair (infact if anything, it punishes the players that load the bench with EXs) but there are those issues I addressed. If my opponent ISN'T playing EXs, I don't seem to be collecting the prizes fast enough, and another issue is I really spend my resources fast. I was thinking bianca or cheren might help, but realized colress and juniper and N are kinda the big ones I want to refill my hand, so something like random reciever seems like a better choice since my odds of getting those three go up~


Do you have any opinions on that, or do you think its my inexperience that might be causing my issues? (which very well may be the case since I am new to pokemon in general)

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cheren and bianca will probs deck you out even faster. the supporter line is good enough. if you're worried about decking just add a super rod, then sable eye will just get the super rod back and you'll never run out. I don't think inexperience would contribute too much to the problems, the deck is pretty straighforward so it shouldn't matter THAT much.


non ex pokemon should not slow you down too much. their lower hp should make it easier for them to ko. an ex might take 2-3 hits to ko but a non-ex should only take 1-2


probably the problems you are facing are just typical of the beedrill deck, it is after all under Pooka's Bad Deck category

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If you look at beedrills damage output. With virbank it is 90 damage. That is 2HKO on most if not all Ex pokemon. So in reality. yes non exs slow this deck down. Since most common pokemon have over 90 hp. Leaving you with still 2HKOs.


Either way something you could try that would be fun is Cherrims. They heal 20 to one pokemon with grass energy on it per turn. Granted it wont be winning you any matches, but it will take care of bench damage for the most part and also help heal off beedrills you retreat so they can come in again attack more later.


You could also try tropius. Its a decent starter pokemon that can also deal heavy damage to pokemon that stack energy. It can also help you set up, which appears to be the main problem with beedrill decks, since you cant use tropical beach.

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If you look at beedrills damage output. With virbank it is 90 damage. That is 2HKO on most if not all Ex pokemon. So in reality. yes non exs slow this deck down. Since most common pokemon have over 90 hp. Leaving you with still 2HKOs.


yea sorry my bad. its cuz i run pokemon center on mine so I deal a lot less damage. and yea the cherrim is not a bad idea, I run royal heal serperiors, harder to set up but more hp in return, plus heals more than 1 pokemon.

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But then the deck is unlimited instead of modified.


Either way, with this deck as it is now. You may want to take out audino for Virizion. If you cant be affected by status effects, you have no need for audino.


If it were me i would probably build it.


4-2-4 Beedrill

1 Virizion Ex PLB

1 Tropius

2 Sableye

1 Mr Mime


Granted emolga helps alot to set up early on. Tropius could help more. It seems like regardless of how fast you set up, you are going to have problems early on, until you just start N ing them down to 2 or 3 cards. Tropius can change that. Turn 1 return is pretty great, its second attack is also quite good to soften pokemon for beedrill to OHKO everything, if not knocking them out on its own. Turn 2 Tropius can be hitting for 20+ 20x for each energy attached to that pokemon. Granted it could be just 20 damage total. But it could also be up to like 80 damage with DCE or colress machine. Either way return is basically a weakened version of tropical beach that does 10 damage, that can be 40 with bangle on EX. If you think about it. Torpical beach is a great card for beedrill to run. If it didn't rely on virbank city gym.


Turn 1 could be Tropius, and 7 other cards. Being supporters, level ball, other basics, energy, and other good stuff. You could play those cards, use your supporter, get a fresh hand, use those cards, and end the turn with 10 damage and up to 6 cards, to be repeated if possible next turn. Which basically gives you 7+1+7+6 cards max on turn 1. That will definitely help more than emolga start.


You said it yourself, and saw it on Pooka's matches. You run out of resources in your hand really fast with this deck and want to add more supporters. Well look no further since tropius is basically a bianca every turn without taking a support slot for the turn. I might go as far as dropping a colress and a kakuna for 2/3 tropius total with the 2 sableyes, to make resource hunting quicker and possibly more efficient.

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