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I am requesting the thread in roleplay section,called "gijinka academy" is unlocked. So this probably won't happen,but please,just give it one more chance.I know that it has been more than two weeks,but please,unlock it!Pretty please?

Could someone help me here?

Also,I do acknowledge that this will most likely get locked...

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Hi kdoll154!


The thread you've requested to be re-opened was previously inactive and then revived, which is not permitted. It was closed to prevent further incidences of this, for the sake of forum organization. Again, I will link the Official Forum Code of Conduct, where you can read up on this rule and others. Committing these rules to memory is the best way to ensure that no threads you make or contribute to are locked.


We will not be honoring your request at this time, so I will have to close this thread. Thanks for your understanding!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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