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Best Weavile/Eggs list?


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it really would not vary as much as you think some of the staple stuff would be:


4-4 sneasel line

4 eggs

4 sableeye

3-4 ultra and level balls

4 junipers

4 dark patch

1/2 super rod

Computer search/dowsing

10 or so energy


I think the stuff above are pretty standard stuff and then there are some other stuff people commonly add, number will vary so I'm just gonna say the cards but not numbers:



electrode line

dark claw/bangle





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I've built this deck a while back but now it doesnt work as well with the silver mirrors floating around. But you can probably edit in something to help. I cant remember all the cards but this is what i do remember.



4-4 Weavile

4 Exeggcute

1 Darkrai

2 Deoxys Ex

2 Sableye



4 Juniper

4 N

2 Skyla

3 Level Ball

3 Ultra Ball

2 Dark Patch

2 Dark Claw (Could be Silver Bangle now since Exs are usually the high hp things to knock out anyway.)

2 Super Rods

1 Tool Scrapper

3 Catchers

1 Superior Energy Retrieval



4 Blend

2 Plasma

4 Dark


Basically this deck is made to work really really fast. By turn 2 you should have 3-4 Exeggcute in the discard thanks to the level, ultra, Superior energy, and junipers, a charged weavile, maybe another one started, with either a darkrai or maybe deoxys. Either way both deoxys out and silver bangle. You can be hitting 170 to Ex pokemon with only discarding the 4 exeggcute. Sableye is there to get back your used catchers, super rods, and other good stuff. Darkrai is just there for free retreat. The only thing sableye is a terrible start for this deck as it requires you to waste a turn dropping energy on to it to retreat it before weavile can start swinging.


The only thing is silver mirror wrecks this deck pretty bad. You have nothing to attack a safeguard pokemon with silver mirror. Meaning that the new trubbish deck is your ultimate bane of your existence.


Could take out sableye/deoxys for tropius since you have the blend energy. It will both be able to help with start ups and take out those pesky safeguard pokemon.

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4-4 Weavile

4 Exeggecute

1-2 Archen

1-2 Lileep


4 Dark Patch

4 Juniper, 4 N, 1 Ghetsis, 1 Cheren, (1 Bianca if you want)

4 Ultra Ball

2-3 Level Ball

The usual add-ons to get you to 60 cards (1 Switch, 1 Tool Scrapper, 1 Super Rod etc.)

Dowsing Machine

3 Silver Bangle

4 Catcher

1 Dark Claw


10-11 Dark Energy



Don't waste space with Plasma Energy, Deoxys and Colress Machine - all it does it slow you down and make your more vulnerable to things like Catcher, Enhanced Hammer and Losing 2 Prizes for 1 - Doing 150 Damage every turn (4 Eggs + 1 Bangle) is MORE than enough to dent your opponents badly enough - and it's easy to up that to 180 with the odd Archen here and there - Laserbank is also an option, but not one I would personally go with - the key to the deck is speed.


But to be honest, when you run 30HP Basics in your deck, you're really asking for it in the current format - so expect to get donked around 25% of the time... It's a sad reality, but one we have to live with.

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Yeah. I went to a tournament once, and started with exeggcute for all of my matches... Its going to happen, you will be set back a lot, and most likely lose every time it happens. It will either be knocked out first turn or get stuck on your bench, with one less. Either way, frozen city is also a good stadium to run.


Probably the best bet is to just run a lot of basic pokemon, so theres less of a chance you will start with just one exeggcute. Probably something like 10-12 basics and 4 weaviles, might give you a decent change. Though you still have to deal with silver bangles.


Its sad to say, but the time for Weavile has passed thx to silver bangle.

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