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Purple Plasma deck list


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Just posting up my current purple deck please feel free to post what you think and what could be changed and what you think of the deck over all


Plasma giratina x 2


ralts x 3 kirlia x 2 gradevoir with poke ability x 1


beldum x 3 metang x 2 plasma metagross x 1


zubat x 3 goldbat x 2 plasma crowbat x 1


trubish x 3 plasma garbador x 2


grimer x 3 plasma muk x 2


colourless x 3 pro.oak new theroy x 3 cumputer search x 3 hypnotoxiclazor x 2 superior energy retrival x 1 poke catcher x 2 virbank gym x 1


purple energy x 13 double colourless energy x 2




okay time for the second try at this


hypnotoxic lazor x 3 virbank gym x 2 energy returner x 1 max poiton x 2 cheren x 2 banica x 2 pro oaks new theroy x 1 colourless x 3 interviewers qustion x 2 evolite x 1 switch x 2 pokemon catcher x 2 pokemon communication and no I DONT NOT OWN ANY SKYLAS


13 purple energy 2 double colourless


plasma crowbat x 2 goldbat x 3 zubat x 4


plasma giratina x 2


grimer x 4 plasma mux x3


siglif with safe gaurd x 1 and one with relfect

and yes I only have one of each but there updated


and please dont just say add EX-cards and if you give advice dont just say you need to do this then go into no futher detail if you think I should put a certain line of pokemon in say so not just you need to take that out

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at the moment it seems like you've just assembled a bunch of cards together to build a deck without a clear plan in mind. you need to work out who is your main attacker and how you are going to get him out asap


at the moment aside from computer search you have nothing to search out specific cards you want


you have nothing to protect yourself from silver mirror


you have a lot of heavy pokemon which you have no way to call back without discarding energy


at this point the deck build might not even do very well against theme decks.

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Very well agree with both posts. A typical deck list running evolution as attackers has an average of: 14-17 pokemon.

You need to filter to two main attackers since all are evolutions.

I would suggest running only one stage 2 line, having two is difficult in being consistent as chances of getting right combinations of evolution will be lower.

Also strong basics can be easily added to decks as they aren't reliant to other pokemons often.



Also energy wise, 10-12 energy should do well for the deck. 3/4 DCE and rest basic psy energy.

Cards like energy retrieval can play as two energies for one card. So you reduce and cut cards like that.

X2 superior energy retrieval is unnecessary and too demanding. x1 super rod and energy retrieval will serve better.


Now if your good at maths, you will now have space for 28-31 trainers... and about 10-12 of them should be supporters.

there is few range of supporters- x4 juniper is a common input in decks, combinations of N, Bianca, Cheren, colress etc all can be suited depending on the item cards u run and your choice on preference and what you fell peforms


Also switches/poke tools/search balls tool scrapper are often handy

and again what to run and quantity is all down to trial and error to your liking,

x4 catcher is a staple to decks however



You may feel, this isn't quite the format you imagine,

i understand the temptation to run more pokemons and energy is your initial idea of what makes a deck strong. But once you try this you will be a new believer.:D

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ah thanks but what single line should I remove and what lines should I keep? I was hoping to go pure plaama pokes but the gradevoir poke ablity to double each single purple energy is so usefull I can see taking both muk lines and garbadore for golurk but I dont know just yetany advice?

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yeah but its obvious I thought people were smart here


I thought people were smart here can and will only be taken as a insult to everyone who posted before you thus reported and I shall be leaving it at that

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yea probably was a bit unnecessary to add that extra bit


in any case we probs should keep constructive and work on the deck. let us know how the testing goes. also edit the decklist to show what you've changed

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ok will edit but sorry if this insults you but why did u put three in



he probably didn't know or he used to play back in the day when computer search was not restricted to 1

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