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Pokemon 15 (8 basic)


  • 3-1-3 Ampharos DRX
  • 3-3 Drifblim (2 PLB 1 DRX)
  • 1 Thundurus Ex
  • 1 Emolga DRX


Trainers 33


  • 4 Professor Juniper
  • 3 N
  • 2 Skyla
  • 1 Colress
  • 3 Pokemon Catcher
  • 3 Rare Candy
  • 1 Level Ball
  • 2 Ultra Ball
  • 3 Team Plasma Badge
  • 3 Colress Machine
  • 1 Computer Search
  • 2 Frozen City
  • 1 Super Rod
  • 1 Tool Scrapper
  • 3 Switch


Energy 12


  • 4 Plasma
  • 8 Electric



Basic plan is to get out Ampharos and Frozen City to make energy attachments do 50 damage to the opponent if they aren't plasma pokemon, and 30 if they are plasma. The Drifblim line is incase of plasma pokemon. With 3 on the opponents side it has no energy cost to attack and can discard special energy, with the DRX one doing more damage per special energy in the discard. Added in plasma badges to make use of colress machine and to be able to freely attach energy when frozen city is out and to take advantage of Raiden Knuckle.



This is my first pass at making this deck. I have been contemplating adding in a few DCE, other plasma pokemon, and even some silver items, but not too sure what.



Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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not sure if 2 skyla is enough, looks like you'll be looking for quite a few things


the thing about 3 plasma badge: 1 thundurus in active, 3 badged pokemon in bench, if all those pokemon get knocked out your opponent has 1 more prize to go and you have no more badges to protect your own own pokemon from your own stadium. my own experience running something of the sort is that I often end up suffering from my own stadium, and the other thing is by the time I get up to ampharos I've already taken a bit of damage and ampharos doesn't sit in the active spot long enough to do anything significant.


should try a mime in the list to protect the mareeps


mirrors might be a concern since you're actively making urself a plasma pokemon so maybe another scrapper?


also not sure how useful super rod will be.



looks to be pretty well thought out overall, I think needs some testing to really know how it works

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yeah probably needs more skyla. But i find that i usually rather use a draw supporter than a skyla and i usually end up discarding it with juniper/ultraball, or shuffling it back in. Thundurus isnt really a starting pokemon anyway. Its usually a late game help when all my energy gets discarded. Ampharos will almost always be in the active because it has to be or this deck is pointless, it may or may not have a badge. Since it only needs 3 energy and i probably wont get to the frozen city for a few turns. It should be safe to powerup the first ampharos. If not it only takes 6 damage as oppose to the opponent that takes 50 per energy attachment. If its mainly a plasma deck i dont even need to drop frozen city, then all attachments are safe.


The plasma badges are mainly for colress machine and the 2nd or 3rd ampharos. Also since my main attackers are all 1 prize. Super rods are great help. It helps me get back my pokemon, and energy. I might use dowsing machine since it will allow me to get back a rare candy as well as other good stuff.

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