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Finishing my deck


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Hello there, i will post my deck here, and i need ideas to finish it, coz i've an idea but need some help to pull it better,


Card list:


2x Darkrai ex

3x Cobalion ex

1x Jirachi ex

1x Mewtwo ex

2x Sandile(darkness type)

1x Krokorok

2x Krokoodile

1x Cobalion No ex( 1st attack 20+ energy attached to the defending pkmon, 2nd 80+ the defending pokemon cant attack in the next turn)



3x Dark Patch

1x Search Energy

1x Energy Retrieval

1x Super Rod

2x Pokemon Catcher

1x Change

4x hypnolasser*

1x Vibrank city gym

1x Scoop up cyclone

2x Rare candy

1x Pokemon communication

1x ultra ball

1x random receiver

1x enhanced hammer*



3x proffesor juni

1x Iris

1x bel*

1x Cheren

1x Skyla

1x Ghetsis

1x Cilan



4x double color less energy

6x Darkness energy

6x Metal energy

1x Special Metal energy (+10 dmg defence)


The cards with * can be changed for others but if u can give me a tip if some card on the list shouldnt be i want to know,


So well what i can add or change on this deck?

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why only 1 special metal?


what is Bel in your trainer list?


there should be some N in the list, helpful to make a comeback


iris, cheren and ghetsis should not be priority cards


agree enhanced hammer might not be necessary since u have cobalion


consider prism energy since u have a lot of basic pokemon


what is change in your objects list?


energy count seems a bit high, not sure how necessary cilan will be


I think you need to field test a bit to really see where the flaws are

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I did already the test, got a streak like 40-7 the loss was againts decks with blastoise/dinamotor pokemon powers, yeah i was wondering about prism energy, I put Bel(its bianca on english lang sorry for it) its on deck coz i've it FA(LOL), same with Iris, about metal special energy i will quit from the deck to make it modified, that is why i dont think about that, N doesnt work on my deck, coz im the firts one who who get fast prizes, i tought in add 2 colress, ghetsis is helpfull at all, proved in 8/10 chases, cheren, well it are 3 fast cards... maybe quit 1 hypno to add 1 ultraball more. Also i can quit Krokorok to add a skyla more, that'll be better evolve fast to krokoodile

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