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Plasma Eevee deck


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So I'm trying to make a modified Plasma Eevee deck, but since I'm kinda new to this I haven't made the greatest one, heh.

Also, note that since I already build my deck in the game, it's based on what I have. So odd choices may be there. Feel free to suggest any card I could use, though.


Pokemon (all TP except Eevee and Victini), 19x:

4x Eevee

1x Espeon

1x Flareon

2x Glaceon

2x Jolteon

2x Leafeon

1x Umbreon

2x Vaporeon

2x Deoxys EX

1x Tornadus EX

1x Victini


Trainers, 26x:

2x Colress Machine

2x Frozen City

3x Juniper

2x N

2x Pokemon Catcher

3x Shadow Triad

2x Rescue Scarf

2x Superior Energy Retrieval

3x Team Plasma Ball

3x Team Plasma Grunt

2x Ultra Ball


Energy, 15x:

1x Blend Energy (grass/fire/physic/dark)

2x Blend Energy (water/thunder/fighting/metal)

4x Plasma Energy

2x Dark Energy

4x Physic Energy

2x Water Energy



The first obvious thing is that Victini isn't elligble in Modified anymore. Which is a shame, since it's Victory Star is great to use with Jolteon. Is there any decent replacement for Victory Star, or do I have to rely on luck more now?


I also should get a fourth Blend Energy. I have to wonder though, is it possible to get 4 of each Blend Energy (thus getting 8 in total), or just 4 in total?


I'm thinking of getting rid of Flareon and Vaporeon. Flareon doesn't seem viable in this deck, and I never seem to need or able to use Vaporeon.


So yeah... Any tips or suggestions are welcome.

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yes you can have 4 of each blend


is the flip only for jolteon? if so probably not too useful to have victini?


flareon probably won't work too well here


DCE might be worthwhile for leafeon/glaceon


not sure if plasma grunt is a nice supporter


have you considered what you'd do against silver mirror?


you might need super rod to get some eevee back, they get knocked out fast


if they're almost all plasma pokemon, why ultra ball?


with only 8 basic energy in the deck I'm not sure how useful superior energy retrieval will be


no ace spec?

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I've been playing plasma eevees for awhile. I like them a lot. somethings I learned: Flareon works mainly in its own deck. Vaporeon deserves more credit than it gets, with its cheap goldbreaker that can be set up turn one and with silver bangle+deoxys can take out a lot EX. You are still going to want Tool scrapper. (two is good) I find grunt works REALLY well, *if* your running mostly plasma support. (this means cutting down on like N and juniper, which I recommend, especially if your not going to run Thundurus) Btw, I recommend thundurus, but only at 2, if you do that, ultra ball is a great card, maybe even better than plasma ball. I would put coless machine to at least 3, and if you can make it 4. Triad is a nice combo with it...but it doesn't work as often as I would have liked. I am thinking about dropping triad due to its lack of consistency)

also I find its best to pick 3 eeveloutions, and go 2-2-2. The most common are Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon. I for one am using vaporeon/glace/umbreon I find vaporeon gives quicker rewards for not relying on my opponent. (counting on your opponent to do something is generally a bad idea, especially since they usually don't want to oblige)



TL;DR: up coloress machine, focus your eeveloutions, get your energy down to about 12-14 max

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I would suggest trying to use eevees according to a blend. If you plan on using Deoxys i would probably use the FGPD blend. However it only gives you access to 2 of the not so reliable eevolutions and leafeon/umbreon both of which dont need the blend to be helpful.


However if it would probably be preferred if deoxys can attack, its attack is quite amazing.


But you also have to think "is deoxys bonus damage really going to help?" If it were me i would probably say no.

-Leafeon doesn't really get too much help from 10 more damage, it could easily just be one more energy on the opponents field and it does more. Leafeon needs 8 energy on the opponents side to OHKO most pokemon. With a bangle that drops it down to 7 energy for 170 damage. If you add in the 3 deoxys (it probably wont be all 3 at once) would drop it down to only 6. Doesnt really make that much of a difference since you probably wont have all 3 on the bench at once.

-Vaporeon hits EXs for 30 + 50 normally, making it 80. With a bangle it hits for 110. If you add in the 3 deoxys, it makes no difference. it goes to 140 on ex pokemon, but its still a 2HKO no matter what you do. on non exs it goes for 30 to 60. Big whoop. Granted its a 100% increase in damage but still you wont be using to attack non ex pokemon anyway.

-Jolteon hits for 40 on Exs and 70 with bangle. with 3 deoxys it hits for 100 damage. Now that actually makes a difference. 2 turns of 70 only hits for 140, leaving it a 3HKO. While 100 damage will hit for 200 in 2 turns. Meaning 2HKO and the Ex cant attack.

-Umbreon/Glaceon are basically in the same boat. 60/70 + bangle is 90/100 + 3 Deoxys is 120/130. Once again it makes no difference. Still 2HKO.

-Espeon is not really an attacker or worth using.


All in all it only really helps Jolteon. Though Jolteon and Deoxys are not on the same blend.


So if you plan on using deoxys. Your best bet is to include Jolteon and Leafeon. You can add in one more Evolution depending on which blend energy you plan on using, because since they are your attacker they all have to be able to attack. FGPD you should use Umbreon for more HP. EWFS you should use glaceon for free retreat, since vaporeon and jolteon are basically the same thing. But again you need the electric energy for Jolteon/Deoxys to even matter so your best bet is to use Jolteon/Glaceon/Leafeon.


4 Eevee

2 Jolteon

2 Leafeon

2 Glaceon

3 Deoxys

13 pokemon + 2/3 more basics that either run on psychic/electric/blend. The pokemon that come to mind are safeguard sigilyph/suicune, Thundurus Ex, or plasma Kyurem. Lugia or Tornadus Ex PLS could also be possibilities. Though they would require DCE that only benefits themselves and Glaceon. You just wont have room for DCE with energy count being something like

4 Plasma

4 Blend EWFS

4 Psychic/Electric

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Why are there so many threads and decks about Plasma Eevee? They really aren't that good at all. I think people only create these decks either because they want to have a themed deck, or because people just really like Eevee. I don't know. Each of the Eeveelutions works good in their own deck.But when you combine them, it creates chaos, and it just feels like too much Eevee. Not to mention they are waaay easy to KO. When I face an Eevee deck, I see it as a free win because they are just so bad. I feel that if the Eeeveelutions were made as different Pokémon with the same attacks and abilities, no one would use them, because it is just for the novelty of the card.

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but 7 eevee is just garbage. Having just discussed how bad eevolution decks are, you still want to be able to add 7 to a deck. Literally 7 pokemon all with 100 hp or less. I cant even see a deck of just eevees being good. All of them are situational, and supporting at best.


Turn 1 eevees, obviously. Turn 2 is what? Is it leafeon? nope its good attack is energy dependent on opponent. Is it Flareon? Nope its dependent on your pokemon discards. Is it umbreon? Nope it generally doesnt attack. Is it vaporeon? Nope, as it only does anything to EX pokemon, and even then its only 80. Is it Jolteon? Nope, its flippy and really unreliable. Is it glaceon? Maybe, 3 energy 60 damage sleep isn't that great for its energy count.


Why would you do this to yourself? Eevees are purely for tech ins, there is no way to build a cohesive deck using just eevolutions. Regardless of how many eevees you can stack into the deck.

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since this is an eeveelutions discussion I might hijack my question here:

Can the Dragons Exalted Espeon protect plasma pokemon from Strike of the Champion?

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i feel like thats a question for the somewhere else. But i would probably want to assume that it does. Based on the wording, it seems like it is an effect of an attack that doesn't actually do damage. The only thing is that pokemon would be catcher bait and it would probably ruin constancy of TDK decks or anything that runs plasma pokemon. Since they will probably teching for anti plasma in the form of mirrors or drifblims.

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well I figured we are talking about an eevee deck we could make an argument for DEX espeon. it could potentially protect from some other status effects also.


also yea I agree its too much work to tech in espeon into something like TDK, but if you're running the eevees, something to consider is all.

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no i dont think it would. I feel like + damage for some reason or another is still considered damage. Things like is now burned, discard an energy and stuff like that are what would be stopped.

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