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Cheap competitive deck? Is it possible?


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Just as the title really, I am wanting to make a new deck and am looking for the cheapest but still competitive decks around. Is it still straight Darkrai with sableye? I was looking also at 4x sigilyph decks but am not sure to be honest.


Looking forward to hearing replies! :)

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There is no such thing as a cheap deck, especially competitive. You have to buy packs to get good cards, either through trading the packs or the cards inside them. Packs can get pretty pricey, so really you can't make a "cheap" competitive deck. Also, what do you define as cheap? What is cheap to you may be expensive to someone else and vice-versa.

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darkrai/sableeye is probably the cheapest top tier deck you can get out there given that the only rare cards in that deck are darkrai and keldeo (assuming that's part of your list) and those 2 cards are available as a tin promo


the Thunderous/Deoxys/ Kyurem combo will probabaly become much more affordable once their tin sets come out late in the year


a good blastoise keldeo is probably still a bit out of reach due to tropical beach


the recent popularity of darkrai garbodor would not be that expensive either, but garbodor might be slightly difficult to get


pretty sure virizion/genesect is not considered a cheap deck either


now that we're done with the top tier decks here are a few other decks that are somewhat decent and I believe still affordable as well as adding the rare cards in bracket, the +/- means you might consider adding them but they're not essential to the deck strategy:


quad snorlax (snorlax)

flareon cofagrigus (cofagrigus, audino +/- electrode)

Ninetales ammongus (ninetales, amoongus)

weavile exeggcute (weavile +/- electrode +/- mr.mime)

big basics (should be considered expensive but if its using all the big basics you got so might turn out to be cheaper?)

zebstrika (zebstrika +/- mew? )

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