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Windowed 1920 x 1080 res in OSX client broken


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I was messing around with the resolution settings and, without thinking, put my windowed client in 1980 x 1080. This is a fair bit bigger than my monitor.


This then meant that the client was bigger than my screen, but also that I couldn't see some of the client to get to change my resolution back to a manageable one.


My stupid mistake, of course, but it would be better if there was some sort of failsafe mechanism, like checking if any of the client appears outside of the viewable screen space (if that's possible?) or even just a good old countdown to a revert back to the old setting, so that the user has to verify everything is kosher.


Also, on a smaller screen such as mine the cards look c***** and tiny, would be cool if they appeared a little bigger. And I can't tab out when I'm in full screen, which sucks. But yeah, I'm just spilling my thoughts now.


I'm so psyched I've found this. Why do more people not know about it?

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