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Couple of bugs (?) and suggestions.


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First off, great game - been playing a week, enjoying it thus far - but I do think it certainly needs a few tweaks here and there. :)


Let us begin then, shall we..



- Music volume can only be set either to 0, or maximum. Anything in between sets it to max.

- There appears to be some sort of gradual memory leak between duels (notably in single player) that causes erratic system behavior and game crashes.

- The first time you open up the collection ui, per client startup, you get malformed white bars/textures instead of your collection.

- The coin that is flipped is always the default red one, instead of the player's, who's having his/her turn. (In which case I'm noting it as a bug)



- Implement a way to PM users and inspect their binder by right clicking on their name (via context menus), instead of having to friend request them.

- Spectator mode, it has been suggested before I am sure. I'm also noting it here.

- Implement a way to select multiple, or even all cards in your collection (when in list view-mode?) so you can tag them for trade all at once. (The eligible ones will get tagged of course)

- Implement a filter to separate the locked cards from the tradeable cards, so we don't have to search through heaps of material to find if we have something which is tradeable or not.

- Some kind of matchmaking system is badly needed. A quick surfing through the forums, and I saw alot of complaints about people that do not have EX in their deck, not being able to enjoy the majority of their games. Therefore why not include a variable to measure the selected deck's "power" in various ways such as the quantity and toughness (EX or similar powerful builds) of the cards included, and match them with similar opponents. That way no one will be unsatisfied because he/she can't win, or find a worthy opponent. (Also an elo system to top it off, would be ideal)

- Keep all progress, tutorials, notifications and settings except resolution and performance, server side. I have installed/ran this on several PCs only to have to set each individual setting and greeted with the same dialogues and achievements (say when winning a single player game) again and again. Gets kinda annoying after a few, especially if you try a portable setup in a usb.. :P


- Last but not least I do believe that even free players need an outlet to get their hands on advanced cards/synergies. Don't misunderstand me though, I do not condone the whole "give everything out for free" thingy, I completelly comprehend that this is a company and this product has to make money in order to be successful.

But the whole not being able to trade thing, surelly divides the playerbase to two factions. Now you may tell me that someone could simply buy packs/decks or even buy off codes from the internet, while this is a valid point, it's also needs to be understandable that not everyone has access to packs/decks or even credit/debit cards. (And before you point guns, fellow players, I do buy with my debit-card myself - just to clarify)

Still I do believe that this needs some refining to the point that no longer needs to be a trading restriction, but at the same time eliminating the possibility of farmers and bots to abuse the system. To this point I have observed that a common desire of players are the FA and rare-illustrated cards - in which case, why not have those available only through the redemption system and gem purchases (when they're implemented fully), while granting the whole playerbase access to the rest of the spectrum; to encourage variety, involvement with the game and diversity.

As an example to what I am saying, people can refer to games as PlanetSide2 which incorporates a somewhat similar system with normal items and cosmetic counterparts, in which I have observed that the F2P model works great.


Cheers. :)

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