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Matthew's Collection Wants


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I have decided that its time to pick up some cards that I need for 100 percent completion again, I haven't been collecting for quite a while and I traded some of the stuff I had so there's quite a lot but I'm hoping people have some of it. I have a few PLB/ PLF packs but most of them are older packs from DRX/BCR/PLS. I also have cards for trade although I don't have spares of a lot of the cards tagged in my binder feel free to have a look through and ask nonetheless.


HeartGold SoulSilver:



Ariados HS 15 [Rev]

Butterfree HS 16 [Rev]

Exeggutor HS 18 [Rev]

Feraligatr HS 20 [Holo Rare] AND [Rev]

Furret HS 21 [Rev]

Meganium HS 26 [Holo Rare]

Persian HS 27 [Rev]

Typhlosion HS 32 [Rev]

Croconaw HS 38 [Rev]

Donphan HS 40 [Rev]

Chikorita HS 59 [Rev]

Snubbull HS 82 [Rev]

Staryu HS 86 [Rev]

Sunkern HS 87 [Rev]

Energy Switch HS 91 [Rev]

Fisherman HS 92 [Rev]

Full Heal HS 93 [Rev]

Moomoo Milk HS 94 [Rev]

Pokemon Collector HS 97 [Rev]

DCE HS 103 [Rev]






Jirachi UL 1 [Rev]

Shaymin UL 8 [Rev]

Sudowoodo UL 9 [Rev]

Blastoise UL 11 [Rev]

Ninetails UL 20 [Rev]

Primeape UL 22 [Rev]

Roserade UL 23 [Rev]

Steelix UL 24 [Rev]

Tyranitar UL 26 [Rev]

Golbat UL 30 [Rev]

Wartortle UL 42 [Rev]

Beldum UL 44 [Rev]

Buizel UL 45 [Rev]

Larvitar UL 51 [Rev]

Riolu UL 60 [Rev]

Roselia UL 61 [Rev]

Vulpix UL 68 [Rev]

Zubat UL 70 [Rev]

Energy Returner UL 74 [Rev]

Pluspower UL 80 [Rev]

Super Scoop Up UL 83 [Rev]

Crobat Prime UL 84

Raikou/Suicune Legend Top UL 92








Espeon UL 2 [3rd Art/4th Art]

Togekiss UL 9 [Rev]

Dodrio UL 11 [Rev]

Drifblim UL 12 [Rev]

Honchkrow UD 16 [Rev]

Leafeon UD 17 [Rev]

Vespiquen UD 23 [Rev]

Muk UD 31 [Rev]

Slowbro UD 38 [Rev]

Togetic UD 39 [Rev]

Eevee UD 48 [Rev]

Hitmonlee UD 52 [Rev]

Murkrow UD 58 [Rev]

Pineco UD 63 [Rev]

Slowpoke UD 66 [Rev]

Slugma UD 67 [Rev]

Flower Shop Lady UD 74 [Rev]








Porygon_Z TM 7 [Rev]

Bronzong TM 15 [Rev]

Elekik TM 21 [Rev]

Nidoqueen TM 28 [Rev]

Electabuzz TM 33 [Rev]

Kangaskhan TM 36 [Rev]

Luvdisc TM 39 [Rev]

Magby TM 41 [Rev]

Magmar TM 42 [Rev]

Marowak TM 44 [Rev]

Tentacruel TM 50 [Rev]

Wailmer TM 52 [Rev]

Aipom TM 55 [Rev]

Carvanha TM 59 [Rev]

Nidoran TM 70 [Rev]

Psyduck TM 74 [Rev]

Shuppet TM 75 [Rev]

Volbeat TM 82 [Rev]

Black Belt TM 85 [Rev]





Call of Legends:



Espeon CL 4 [Rev]

Gyarados CL 7 [Rev]

Lucario 14 [Holo]

Smeargle 21 [Rev]

Ampharos 23 [Rev]

Mismagius 28 [Rev]

Mr.Mime 29 [Rev]

Pidgeot 30 [Rev]

Tangrowth 34 [Holo Rare] AND [Rev]

Magby 46 [Rev]

Mime.Jr 47 [Rev]

Seviper 51 [Rev]

Houndour 59 [Rev]

Koffing 60 [Rev]

Magikarp 61 [Rev]

Phanphy 66 [Rev]

Pidgey 67 [Rev]

Pineco 68 [Rev]





Black and White:



Emboar 10 [2nd art]

Darmantian 25 [Rev]

Zebstrika 43 [Rev]

Galvantula 46 [Rev]

Klinlang 76 [Rev]

Pokemon League Water Energy

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