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Issues I noticed in the first day of play


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First of all, I'd like to thank the dev team for their hard work! I'm very excited to dig into this high potential game. There are a number of issues I noticed which you guys may or may not be classifying as "bugs," but I still hope they get some attention because they would make the game that much better.


User Interface Issues

The first thing I noticed while playing was that while the graphics are quite polished, user interaction and animations are not.

  • When attacking, damage mount is displayed before the attack animation rather than after. Felt very strange.
  • The "magnify" icon that appears when the mouse hovers over a card is annoying. I would rather only use right-click to magnify cards. If the mouse is hovering over the "magnify" icon, right-click no longer does anything and I have to left-click instead. I would rather not have the icon at all--it doesn't appear on all cards anyways (e.g. top card of discard pile, cards in the discard pile).
  • I'd like a solution for showing card info that doesn't require me to wait after hovering the mouse. I'm an impatient gamer when it comes to getting information I need. I suggest a keyboard shortcut like Alt or an option to remove hover delay.
  • Text scrolls very slowly (to this impatient gamer), especially things that NPCs say outside of matches.
  • REMOVED (thanks Hazmah)
  • For cards that bring up lists (e.g. Poké Ball), I think there should be more visual difference between cards that can be selected (flaming gold outline) and cards that are selected (flaming blue outline). I would like selected cards to jump out more than selectable cards--maybe reduce the flaming gold outline to just a thin gold outline.
  • I find it a bit strange that the startup screen is fullscreen and then the login screen is tiny.
  • Quitting the game takes way too long. Don't worry, I'll still come back tomorrow =)
  • One mouse wheel "tick" causes the Game Log to scroll more than a page. (If it matters, my resolution is 1920x1080, but I found the same issue on all other available resolutions.)


AI Bugs


I don't exactly remember which opponents these were, but they were in the first three opponents of the Gold League, Expert difficulty.

  • The logic for using Exp. Share was a bit strange. My opponent used it on an almost-dead Active Pokémon instead of a Bench Pokémon.
  • The logic for using Eviolite was definitely incorrect. My opponent attached it to non-Basic Pokémon (twice!).
  • My opponent did not take advantage of Pokémon Center during any of her turns (she didn't use it on Bench Pokémon with damage counters).
  • Kendall attached Dark Claw to an Electric-Type Pokémon instead of a Dark-Type Pokémon.


Again, a big thank you to everyone that has put effort into making this game everything that it is (and will be)!

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Sorry, Hazmah, I didn't notice that coin flip animation disable option, my mistake. I removed that point in my original post. I'm not angry though, I just want to improve the game.


Here's a couple more I found:


User Interface Issue

The Game Log lists the entry for "X became Y's new active Pokémon" (side note: should say "Active") before the entry for "Y's Z retreated." The order is reversed.


AI Bug


Cammie's Kyogre EX did not use Dual Splash (for 50 damage) instead of Smash Turn (for 30 damage, no weakness/resistance). If this is not the issue directly, the only possible complication I can think of is that Kyogre EX's third energy was a Prism Energy.

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One more:


When Aspertia City Gym is played, all Colorless Pokémon gain +20HP before the Stadium is actually placed on the field. It would be less confusing if the Stadium animation was shown first.

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Hello trainers!


Thank you for the list of issues you are encountering. I'm passing along this information to the team for review.

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