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Hiya Jacobtheplayer,


Wow, that doesn't look fun!

I have two recommendations to solve your fuchsia frustration:


1) Enter your log in information as best you can and attempt to adjust your in-game settings (The settings should look like gears on the Navigation Bar in game.) Try to set your performance to "fastest", restart and see if it fixes the issue.


2) If you can't access your in-game settings, you can't log in or the adjustment just doesn't work, try re-installing the game. Make sure to remove all traces of the game client first and save the new file to a different directory than before if you attempt this option.


If it still looks like there's marker all over the place after you've tried these options, please send in a ticket to the Support Team. They have the tools to investigate this issue the fastest. You can contact them by following the instructions in my signature. Don't forget to include the results of these attempts in your ticket, as it will help them understand the issue further and hasten a solution.


I hope this information has helped!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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