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Retrieving username


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So I've got a deck on an old account that I want to play on, but I can't remember the accounts username. When I use the forgot username function, because my email address has multiple accounts on it, it asks me for my accounts screen name and such so that it can identify the correct account to give me details of.


Obviously, I can't give you those details as those are the details I'm trying to retrieve from this process, so that doesn't help me at all. Is there anyway around this? I really want to hop on my old account!


[Edited by Prof. Thistle | Please avoid providing personal info]

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Hi BoomGrowl,


For any account related stuff, please send in a ticket to the Support Team. They have the tools to solve your issue securely and quickly. You can send them a ticket by following the directions in my signature. Make sure your logged in to this account when sending in the ticket. It will make the job of the Support Team a lot easier and faster.


Also, to clarify my edit, please don't post or provide any personal info on the forums or in the game's chats. It's not safe. ; ;


I hope this information has been useful!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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