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i need help ! i have 2 accounts in one !


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Hello, as the title state, i need some help.


i had create my account around november 2012, when the game was browser based.


since then i had cumulated a lot of cards. then a few weeks ago, i restarted playing after a long while and i was suprised to see i had not any cards left. i didnt understood why. by then, i bought some other codes, so i rebuilt my collection.


by the way, my account name is franzh11 . but suddently this evening, i just log on using franzh11 as my username, and then all of a sudden it brings back to my old account, ichanging my name for frank134 ..


i guess before we had both an account name and a username...


and now , when i look at my collection, i have every old assets i had before !


i was wondering if can anything been done to that ? maybe i can try trading all my cards to my main account now ( franzh11) so i can have all on this account....


thank you for helping !

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Hello Franzh11,


Your best bet to get this particular account issue resolved will be to submit a ticket to the support team so they can review the information and offer you one on one assistance.


To submit a ticket please use the link in my forum signature.

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