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Need to make this deck run better.


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Running a deck with no exs so far, mostly because i can't afford them, so it's like a budget deck.

Here's the deck list so far. Please advise as to what might be good to add in/take out.




2x Scyther

1x Scizor


2x Machop

1x Machoke

1x Badge Machamp

2x Machamps


3x Axew (colorless variant)

2x Fraxure (dragon Variant)

1x Haxorus (dragon variant)


1x Kangaskhan



1x gold potion

2x pokeball

2x great ball

2x ultraball

4x pokemon catchers

4x Switch

3x rare candy

3x N

2x Juniper

2x potions

1x iris

1x silver mirror

1x silver bangle




8x Fighting

8x Steel

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by dragon variant u referring to dragon vault variant or Plasma blast variant?

try level ball instead of pokeball, more dependable

try heavy ball instead of great ball, more dependable

amount of stage 2 should not be more than basic so I think at least add a machop?

some skylas might be more useful than iris

blend is definitely worth considering

float stones probably would be useful

potions probably not that useful

gold potion isn't ideal but if its the only ace spec you have then its fine

running 2 stage 2 lines often isn't the best idea unless you're doing something really funky like gothitelle accelgor/flygon dusknoir

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