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Secret Rares?


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Do secret rares count as reprints?

As in is Emboar from Black and white still legal in modified format because there was a reprint of it in Next Destinies?

If the answer is yes for the above stated questions then you need to fix the bug below


I find that in this game it doesn't work for the noble victories chandelure to be used but there is a secret rare reprint in Next Destinies. Even though you can still use terrakion nvi, virizion nvi and reuniclus from black and white

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Hello trainers!


Just a little clarification regarding modified format and reprints.


If a card is reprinted within a legal modified series the only older versions that would still be allowed from any of the older series would have to be the same text as the new reprint. This means for example both the Noble Victories and Next Destinies Chandelure should be active in the current modified game play since they have the same moves.


I've passed along the information regarding the Chandelures that are not listing as legal format. We appreciate the bug reports!

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