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To a Moderator who can help,


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I submitted a ticket to the support staff 3 weeks ago with a request..


Since submitting this ticket - which I believe would take no more than 5 minutes to respond to (if that) - I have received no response. No member of the support staff has replied to my ticket saying they will work on my request, no action has been taken and plenty of tickets opened by other players later than the date I opened mine have been responded to.


Sadly I'm unable to discuss the contents of the ticket without breaking Forum Rules - so Moderators, I can't ask you guys to help (unless one of you is feeling nice enough to PM me to discuss it) but I would really appreciate someone giving the support staff a nudge on this issue as not only has the time for the response now exceeded my patience but it's starting to impact upon several other areas of the game for both myself and others.


I appreciate that the staff, moderators and TCGO team are INCREDIBLY busy. You guys do a fantastic job - but honestly, I simply cannot understand why such a simple ticket is taking so long to be looked at... I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look at my ticket and just let me know what the SitRep is..



Thanks in advance to anyone able to help,



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Hello AlexManectric,


According to the time frame you have supplied (I believe I know which request this is concerning) and the direct thread you have created here I am obligated to point out that the moderators are unable to give direct support at the request of players, unless there is a player in violation of the rules.



Moderators help maintain a positive environment that everyone can enjoy and are responsible for enforcing the policies detailed above in a fair and impartial manner. Community members are expected to treat the moderation team with respect and to comply with any instructions given.


While moderators are an excellent source of information, threads created specifically to communicate directly with a moderator are not appropriate. Moderators pay particular attention to the Open Beta & Support forum, so community members in need of assistance should post in one of the sub-forums there.


If you have a specific issue that you feel is a bug you would need to create a bug report via the bug forums or submit a ticket to the support portal. Please use the support portal if it is something you feel is exploitable to prevent specifics about the issue being spread around.


Getting direct contact with the players and holding private conversations is not something the moderators are able to do and there are systems in place for you to relay any necessary information to us without someone directly contacting you outside of the support systems. Please use these features to relay any information you need to directly to us and if it is something that needs to be escalated you can rest assured that we will take the necessary measures.


Thanks for your understanding, I'll be closing this thread.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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