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Goga's Trades


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Hi, I've got cards i'd like to trade, and I'm looking for a few in particular.


I'm looking for:

1x Cobalion-EX

1x Terrakion-EX

1x Keodeo-EX


2x Wailmer


3x Rare Candy

3x Blend Energy(WEFM)


I've got:

1x Victini-EX

1x Heatran-EX

1x Ho-oh-EX

1x Kyurem-EX

1x Moltres-EX

1x Latias-EX


1x Reshiram FA

1x Reshiram

2x Plasma Umbreon

1x Zekrom

1x Cobalion(Sacred Sword)


1x G Scope

2x Escape Rope

1x Hypnotoxic Laser

2x Ultra Ball

2x Bicycle

1x Colress Machine


1x Plasma Frigate

3x Virbank City Gym


For trade.


And 1 special trade:

1x FAMew-EX for 2x Mew-EXs me up with anything and I'll see what we can do :)

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