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Issue playing with Windows XP


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I'm having a little bit of an issue playing the game on Windows XP. The game was able to install but I cannot read anything on the screen. All of the actual text is just pink squares/rectangles. Any assistance would be great.

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Hello xpolarxbearx,


We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.


Please ensure that you are using a computer with the minimum system requirements, which can be found on this post.


I recommend doing a full uninstall of the game. Directions for this can be found on the FAQ page under "How Do I Install/Uninstall the Pokémon TCG Online for Windows/Mac?". Please make sure that all traces of the game (including the installer and any Pokémon-related files and folders) are removed from your system, and download the installer from the website using a web browser other than Google Chrome. Chrome can cause problems with the download.


Once you've downloaded the installer, make sure you put the folder under a different directory than the default recommendation and name it something other than the default name.


If this does not solve your issue, please submit a ticket by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question". Please add as much detail as possible, including screenshots if you have them. Our support team will be able to take a better look into each of your accounts to determine the problem.

Thank you for your patience, let me know how it goes!

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