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Trainer Challenge Bug


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There is a bug that happens to me D:

When I open the launcher and that leads me to a menu of choices right?


When I click the Single Player, I see some option like Gold Championship, Platinum Championship and City Championship.


I've unlocked all those modes with 5 decks I'm only missing City Championship with the BW Fire Deck.

The problem is that I can't click none of those 3 options after an update that ocurred a few days ago. The only option I can click on the Single Player TAB is Training >_>


To go to the Trainer Challenge I need to take a bigger path >_>

Also when I win a game after closing the Launcher and then open again, it says it's my 1st win.


Can you guys fix this please? ._.*

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Hello Pmniac,


Your best bet in this situation is to submit a ticket to our support team so they can look into your account and see if it's an issue thats happening locally with your machine or if it's tied to your account.


To submit a ticket to us please use the link in my forum signature and provide as much details as you can. Thank you!

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