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Noob Questions.


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Ok, I must be a noob but have a few questions.


How do you PM someone?


How do you view someone's binder (to see for trade, wants)


Sorry if it's obvious and I just can't see it but it seem's like I've tried everything.

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I have put bold on certain phrases in-case someone reading this is the "tl:dr" type.



To PM (Private Message) someone, go to the icon labeled "Friends" on the top of your screen. Click it and there will be some tabs on the drop-down box. If it is someone in the same lobby as you, their name will be in the public section. Select the "Public" tab, and search their name in the white bar. From there, you have the options on the right to add them as a friend, block them from talking to you, or report them for inappropriate behavior. Instead of these icons, you will double-click that person's name and a new tab will open in the chat pane on the bottom right.



To view someone's binder, their wanted and offered cards, go to the icon labeled "Trade" on the top of your screen. Select the option on the next window that says "New Private Trade". On your left, there will be tabs that say public and friends. If the person is not a friend, you must be prepared to trade like-for-like, trades based on offering the same amount of cards that are the same rarity. Regardless, search and select the player you want to see, on the right is a section "In Exchange For:". Select "Add". You will see that player's binder. Be sure to deselect the filter for showing only things that you want. A similar rule applies for when selecting the cards you will offer for theirs.

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