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Half-Deck Construction and Matches


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I know this is against the stated beliefs of the developers that the players should not be segmented further, but I feel this might be worthy to an extent.


Generally, when players buy a starter kit in stores, it teaches them about the game through two half-decks of thirty cards in a match of three prizes. I think these quick pick-up games might be good for players with too little of time to devote a full match and/or if Pokémon TCGO were to ever go mobile on tablets, phones, or 3DS. It also tests a player's ability with limited resources and quick strategies.


Since half-decks are rarely a normal part of tournament play, it would be feasible for them to have a separate listing under match types like theme decks do. As for construction and storage, adding a deck tag and a tabbed window in the Deck Builder should do it.

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