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Daily Reward Roulette in TCGO


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I am more or less lifting the concept from the Trainer Club Spin, but I have not seen a suggestion for this yet.


Each day, instead of a set cycle of tokens and a booster, a wheel with an assortment of items greets the player when the daily login triggers. Rather than dolls, backgrounds, and 1-3 tokens, players have a chance at 5-10-15 tokens, half-boosters, boosters, avatar clothing, and other assorted items. Perhaps even including a small sliver of the wheel reserved for a "grand reward" of 250 tokens surrounded by same-size slivers of 1 token.


I feel that this can add a form of excitement for players who log in each day.


Some users who read this might wonder why I do not suggest paying tokens or gems for extra spins. The reason is that doing so would be considered gambling, an act that is illegal in many countries that PokéCo operates in. It would be better for there to be a system that every player can use.

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Hi Ken92,


This is an awesome suggestion! I'll pass it along to the Dev team for review and leave this thread open in the meantime.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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thats a very good idea! here are some examples of the prizes it could have:

1. Tokens(small amount)

2. Tokens(medium amount)

3. Tokens(huge amount)

4. A random Rare/Rare Holo/Rare Ultra/Rare ACE SPEC Card.

5. A random Theme deck

6. A random PROMO card.

7. Avatar items.

8. Half-Booster pack(5 cards)

9. Full Booster pack(10 cards)

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Why risk getting a low prize? I don't like this... Some people will be getting high prizes and others will be getting useless stuff like avatar clothing. Sure it's random, but I don't trust luck. :/ Standard daily token rewards for me please. It's the one thing keeping me here. Other than the PvP theme battles.


Also this would negate the fifth day booster pack prize?! No, no, no...

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I really like this Idea! It would encourage lots of players to actually visit the site and play the game. The site will be more popular, the players will be happy, why not make this happen.


I really really really really hope they do this. Amazing suggestion

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