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Lost Packs?


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I'm new to the game but recently traded a few cards for a Plasma Freeze pack and in another trade I traded a Double Colorless for another Plasma Freeze pack, trades went threw got the notifications go to see my packs and I don't have any?


Is this just a bug or ?


Really want my packs for new cards :( never opened them happen to open a pack from single player that I got but no Plasma Freeze.

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Hello Aphoniah,


Threads like this actually belong in the bug reports section, so I'll be moving it over there.


To receive help on your issue with missing packs you'll have to submit a ticket to our support team so they can investigate the issue and see what went wrong. To do this please use the link in my signature and provide as much detail as possible regarding the transaction to help the team find out what happened.


Thanks for your time and I wish you luck!

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