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stuck on "retrieving your collection from server"


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my game patches properly and i can login but I get stuck on the "retrieving your collection from server" screen.


Can anyone help me?

I am running on Windows 7

I have tried re-installing it multiple times.

tried running as admin.

I get the same problem with another computer in the house.




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Hey Kisek :)


Two things you can try:


1) Boot the game from Refresher.exe - this file can be found in the folder when you installed the game to


2) If you haven't already, download the game from a browser that isn't Google Chrome (as this browser is known to cause a few issues..)


3) Be patient - I have to wait over 2 minutes on the 'Retrieving your collection from the Server' screen - but my game does load eventually



If none of the above works, wait for futher help from Moderators - or contact the support team @ support.pokemon.com

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