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New to the TCG, looking for ideas on Fire/Grass


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Got money coming in, and I want to get into this game. My favorite types are Fire and Grass (loved Sun teams in the VG), and would like to build an effective deck with that combo.


Problem: Since I'm new, I have no idea what's legal atm or what's considered "good", and would like to not waste my money to build an underperforming deck.


Hopeful Solution: I'm looking for basic ideas that I can build off of, and personalize. Just some basic strategies and key cards for those strategies, and some balance tips (pokemon, trainer/support/stadium, energy balance). I'd like to avoid EX, as they're likely expensive and no one I know has any, so it's more fair to avoid them for now.


Beyond that, I need to know where I can find a list of currently-legal cards to look into.


Thank you in advance for helping a newbie.

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If you want legal to use cards, go to the card collection in game, make sure in the filters "Modified" is highlighted, and then click the "Show All" check box. That will show all cards that are currently modified legal to be used. Anything from the Next Destinies set to now is currently legal. Anything older is not.

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Tournament legal cards: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/op_2014_format_rotation-2013-07-16/


Good deck ratio for a beginner: 16 pokemon / 30 trainers (12 or more should be supporter cards that draw) / 14 energy


Suggestions on what supporters deck use:


4 Juniper

4 N

2-3 Colress

2 bianca(optional)

2 cheren(optional)

3-4 skyla


Grass/Fire deck is not a good deck when you exclude pokemon ex.


If you want to casually play friends then buy:


Plasma claw theme deck: (infernapes, hypnotoxic laser)

solar strike theme deck x2 : (bunch of fire pokemon, catcher, ultra ball, juniper, cheren, blastoise)

mind wipe theme deck: (grass pokemon like genesect and tropius)


To find a place to play real life people: https://www.pokemon.com/us/account/events/


Got more questions or comments? Ask on this thread

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I agree with PKMNKINGNIK, a Grass and Fire deck without an EX won't be a good deck. Also some EXs are not really expensive and you can find them in the booster pack. I would recommend Plasma Blast pack since it have both Genesect EX and Virizion EX, also if you are playing TCGO, you can trade some packs for EXs. Supporters are really useful and are not hard to find in packs.


Hope this help

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whats rayeels


:o He doesn't know what Rayeels is! Rayeels is the nickname for one of the most popular deck of that time involving Rayquaza EX, Eelektrik Dynamotor, and Raikou EX. Rayquaza EX deals a boatload of damage, discarding energy in the process. Then the Eels step in and grab that energy back and put it onto either another Rayquaza or Raikou. It works well, but recently Eelektrik has been rotated out, so Rayeels is no longer allowed in competitive play :(

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