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Starter Leader Challenge


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Starter Leader Challenge & Theme Leader Challenge


Description for Starter leader Challenge:Battle some

of the starter Pokemon from the show and see if you have

what it takes to win!Their will be nine leaders

as of now but I will get more in the future

(nine for now unless someone wants to

be a starter leader,pm me if u do)



1.One ex card max for Starter leader and for the Challenger.

2.Starter leader can use any card as long as they don't use more than one ex card.

3. Gym leader can only be challenged three times per day(no Cooldown)

4. limit of two prime cards.

5. You can ask for modified match for some of the Starter leaders but not all of them.

6. If you win against a leader post a comment saying which leader to won against this includes Theme leaders

7. You can't use type advantage against starter leaders

Starter Leaders:

1. Serperior005- Bayleef

2. LamC- eevee

3. Lazfar- Chimchar

4. Seeker33- tepig

5. Sara-Macao- Squirtle



6.Bruce_Lee_127- Blaziken


7. Lapras711- Charmander

8. Fire_Man_177- bulbasaur

9. Serperior005- Snivy

10. Chap196- Turwig



Starter Leader Challenge & Theme Leader Challenge


Description:Be Prepare for a Challenge of a lifetime

because your going against the Theme leaders

and they will not be easy to beat.Their decks will be base on their

favorite Pokemon so You will see some Unique decks that most people

would use or some that people wouldn't use at all.


Note:You can only battle a Theme leader if you beat three Starter leaders



  1. Challengers can only use two ex cards max
  2. Theme leaders can use any amount of ex cards
  3. You are allow to use type advantage against theme leaders
  4. They are limited to two battles per day
  5. If you win against a leader post a comment saying which leader to won against this includes starter leaders


Theme Leaders:


1. Serperior005- Latios/latias


2. Lazfar- beartic


3. Bruce_Lee_127- Rayquaza/Zapdos



4. Sara-Macao- Cobalion/Registeel EX


5. Hazmah- Giratina/Suicune


6. Fire_Man_177- torterra/giratina


7. Dr-Professor- Dialga/Porygon-Z


8. Seeker33- gardevoir/gothetelle



9. Chap196- Darkrai EX/Keldeo EX


10. lapras711- blastoise/hydreigon



List of Challengers:


1. Marshal00007


2. Gauntlett


3. Aubloombeffoo


4. Hazmah











Forum is starting today please post if you want to challenge the leaders and be on the raffle for prizes


Prizes will start on the date of 10/1/13,still need some more donations

and thanks to Chap196 for donating.














































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One thing i just made this forum so it will not be perfect i need a lot more editing before i really start it.I will try to host a tournament on the 9/25 so i can really prepare for this:cool:

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I recon this seems a good idea. I myself love the pokemon starters

& I approve of this idea. It's a nice twist on a challenge.


I would suggest that the starter leaders would be able

to use all unimited cards, & maybe 1 ex perhaps. If not,

Starter leaders will have unlimited decks & no exs.


Another thing is that they could create 3 levels of difficulty of their

chosen deck. So, for example, if they chose treecko as their

pokemon for their leader deck, they could make 3 decks based on

a deck around treecko. (easy medium & hard). & then the person

challenging them could choose a difficulty & fight them.


That's all for now, just ideas of mine. I hope they seem

plausible. Cheers. :P

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Okay so if Unlimited .. Write my name down if u like for Rayquaza EX/Zekrom EX for theme and Blaziken for satarters :) and im glad to be a gym leader in your forum :D

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I'm editing right now :) this will be cool and I'm going to sent a message to Alex if she is willing to give prizes for people who beat all 30 leaders :)

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Thanks for adding me. It seems like we might be able to turn this into two separate battle groups: starter and theme. Within these, we can have for fun battles, maybe a ranking system, and occasional prizes. Just some thoughts. Good luck and God bless!!

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