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1.12.31 Patch Notes | August 29, 2013


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General: Various fixes to card bugs and game bugs.


General: The annual Modified format rotation has been applied to the game. The updated Modified format permits players to build decks containing cards from the Black & White—Next Destinies expansion onward, and Black Star Promos BW33 and higher. Cards from older expansions that have a Modified-legal reprint can still be used in the Modified format.


General: Booster packs from the Black & White, Black & White—Emerging Powers, and Black & White—Noble Victories expansions have been removed from the list of items available in exchange for Trainer Tokens in the Shop, as well as in-game rewards, such as the Daily Login bonus and the Trainer Challenge.


General: Commemorative items from the 2013 Pokémon World Championships now appear in the game. Competitors and event staff will begin receiving special codes in the coming weeks that will unlock these items.


General: The game’s patcher now provides additional information about the progress of the update.

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