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Game froze after a twist mountain coin flip


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It's only happened once, but I figured it would be safe to report it.


In the middle of a game with my opponent I activated and won the coin flip for the ability on twist mountain. The game then froze for each of us. No timers moved, I could not click on any cards, the same thing happened to him. We both could still use the in game chat at this time, but neither of us could concede or quit the game.


Now I've used twist mountain in other games just fine so maybe it was just a fluke instance and something else was happening. Perhaps it was the contents of my hand. (the other times I've used it I had only 1 restored pokemon in hand, and none of the stage 1 evolutions.) the time it froze I had 2 and an evolution in hand.


If it happens again, or more frequently I'll post again.

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Hello Balrogknight,


Thanks for the report, I'll be keeping an eye out for this issue as well. Like you've said if you do encounter this again please reply back on this thread so we can track it and find out what may be causing it!


Thanks for the heads up!

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I use twist mountain as well and game froze for me ... though it did not freeze when coin fliping

Started a thread here http://www.pokemontcg.com/forums/showthread.php?37600-Game-freezes-mid-battle


When I say freeze I mean this .. I am able to see the cards in play .. I can chat with opponent ...i can see the discard pile ...

but I cannot play ..


Is that what happened to u too balrogknight ?

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