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Need help with Darkrai Ex - Hydreigon


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I am about to start playing Pokemon TCG irl so I wanted to test online the deck I am about to built.This is not the final version as I didn't have all the cards that I wanted to test at Pokemon Online.


Pokemon: 13


3 Darkrai Ex

3-1-3 Hydreigon

2 Sableye

1 Mewtwo Ex


Trainer: 35


4 Professor Juniper

4 N

1 Colres

1 Bianca

3 Skyla

4 Ultra Ball

4 Rare Candy

4 Pokemon Catcher

4 Dark Patch

2 Max Potion

2 Enhanced Hammer

1 Tool Scrapper

1 Pokemon Search


Energy: 12


8 Darkness

4 Blend Energy



I played 6 games with it and won five of them.The one I lost I had a very bad hand.Six matches are not enough but it seems I am on a good path.


I used Mewtwo Ex as a way to get the last 2 prizes,put on him all the energies etc but the main reason is I didn't have anything better to use.I thought of Absol but with the Silver Mirror I don't know if it worths it.


One other option is Virizion Ex so that I am immune to lasers,but I want a backup option in mind as it is kinda expensive to buy.


About trainers,I think about dropping 1 catcher,bianca and maybe one hammer for 1 max potion,2 silver bangles so that Hydreigon can OHKO most Exs.I could drop all hammers but in couple games they gave me the win so I think they are useful.To be honest I would like to keep both of them.Also maybe I could switch Pokemon Search with Dowsing Machine in case I need Tool Scrapper a second time.


That's all for now.Any comments welcome.

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I just recently built a deck of this sort. I tried it with sableye. but i didnt really like it. I ended up changing it out for sigilyph with safeguard and a Bouffalant. Though idk if i like Bouffalant in this deck. Though with the blend energy its pretty easy to use Sigilyph to wall Ex pokemon. Its also a pretty decent idea to put in Shaymin Ex if you have one. If you are having a close match, it could easily take the last prize since you can just transfer the blend energy.


I'm also only running 2 Darkrai since thats all i have, along with 4-1-4 Hydreigon. 2 Dark Trance and 2 Tractor Beam. I would go 3-1 if i had 3 Dark Trance. Either way its kind of handy to have a 40 damage catcher on any turn, and being able to destroy tools whenever i want is also a plus.


Another thing i found really helpful is Exp Share. Just pop that on one of your Hydreigons you never plan to attack with, and you can reuse energy without the need of a dark patch, so i can use 2 dark patch 2 Exp Share, and never have to worry about energy once its out there.

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