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Steel Electric Deck


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Note. This is the old format. I use old cards.


Emolga DE x1

Klingklang 2.1.1

Durant PS x1

Raikou Ex x1

Cobalion Ex x2

Cobalion NV x3

Registeel Ex x2

Scizor Prime 2.2

Zekrom x2

Pichu (playground) x1

Zapdos next destiny x1

Skarmory (steelcoat) x1

Smeargle Color Pick x1


6 Electric Energy

5 Metal Energy

4 Special Metal Energy

2 Double Colorless

2 Blend WEFS


Luxury ball x1

Elesa (japanese shiny collection) x1

Pokemon Communication x2

Eviolite x1

Rock Guard x1

Ghetsis x1

Switch x2

Cynthias Guidance x1

Skyla x1

Pokemon Collector x1

Colress x1

Catcher x1

Hypnotoxic laser x1

Cilan x1

Superscoopup x1


Please help me improve

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1. I think you're running too much energy

2. did not specify which klingklang

3. if there's a reason to run 2 blend, there's a reason to run 4

4. catchers are worth increasing, don't let the easy kills get away from you

5. metal pokemon are heavy, u need more ways to return them to bench, if you opponent wants the KO he'll have to make an effort to get to it

6. needs a lot more supporters, if you start with a good hand playing a lot of them in 1 or 2 turns, you'll be stuck with 1 or 2 cards drawing 1 by one, if you get a band hand you're just stuck with 6-7 cards and your pokemon are sitting ducks.


you can also always just try with your current build and see how it goes, how a turn could've have been better with a certain card, how other cards have not helped you as much as you thought.

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What does Elesa do? And why do you only have only one of most of the trainers? I always go with more than one unless it's an ace or a stadium. This deck doesn't seem like a battle-worthy deck, rather, it seems like a random hodge-podge of electric and steel cards. Zapdos is best with Fliptini. Registeel Ex isn't great, so don't use it. Raikou works well in conjunction with Rayquaza, Entei, and Dynamotor, but not really anything else. And which Kliknlang is it? There are a LOT of Klinklang, and each of them is different, so make sure you specify.

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Elesa(Shiny Collection): Search your deck for 3 Pokémon Tool cards, reveal them and put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterwards.

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Is I use skarmory with registeel to steelcoat for 4 special metal energy so i am keeping them

Raikou has been changed to Zekrom EX

Klingkland plasma steel

Elesa and pichu has been changed for 2 catchers

Durant will be changed for N

any more suggestions

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