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What to do for a new deck?


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Hey guys and girls! I'm new to the Pokemon TCG and I was wondering what the best way to set up a deck of my own was. Should I focus on 1 type or focus on strengths and weaknesses? Should I focus on attack or defense? Should I focus on Trainer cards? I'm at a loss! :(


Thank you for any help or tips you may have.


Also feel free to post your favourite deck setups as well (anything could help me at the moment!)


Thanks, LJchaos

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if you want to have fun, play any deck that you are comfortable with. if you wanna play competitively, pay attention to the Metagame decks.

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I agree with Battler. While I do not in any way support meta decks, if you want to play IRL, they're pretty much your only option. But if you're just playing this game casually and you don't care too much about winning every single game, make a deck of your own. Start by selecting a card that is really good, like an EX. Then, build around it. Use cards that support the Ex or whatever card you chose. Stick with the types of the EX. So, if your EX was White Kyurem PS, you would want Fire and Water types. Chandelure PF could energize White Kyurem's heavy attacks, while putting a little damage on it to power up it's attack just a little. Get it? You also don't have to use an EX. If your card was Beedrill, make a good deck around Beedrill with grass types that can heal and/or inflict poison. I actually have a Beedrill deck and it is really good. I could post some of my favorite decks once I get my printer working :D

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Here’s my Beedrill deck.

Pokemon: 22

3 Caterpie

2 Metapod

1 Butterfree

2 Petlil

2 Lilligant (Bemusing Aroma)

1 Shaymin EX

4 Weedle (HGSS)

3 Kakuna (HGSS)

4 Beedrill (PF)

Trainers: 25

1 GoldPotion

4 Potions

3 Lasers

2 LevelBalls

2 PokemonCatchers

2 PKMNCommunication

2 RareCandy

2 Switches

2 Oak’s NewTheory

2 Elm’sTraining Method

1 Skyla

2 Virbank City Gyms

Energy: 13

13 GrassEnergy

This is my Beedrill Deck. It’s 39-67, which isalmost a 60% win percentage. It’s also very cheap; Shaymin is one of thecheaper EXes, Gold potion is one of the Cheapest Ace Specs, and all the othercards are easy to get. I would consider trying this deck out. I’ll be postingmore decks :)

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To build a deck i usually choose a pokemon combination that i think would be either good/fun to play. I try to keep it with at most one 2-step pokemon line and one 1-step line. To make sure your deck has at least decent consistency. Then add a few more basics as tech, support, or an additional attacker that works on a different strategy so as to not be completely destroyed if someone has a counter to your main strategy.


My favorite deck atm is:





  • 4-1-3 Dragonite PLF
  • 2-2 Garbodor DRX
  • 2x Tropius PLB
    [**** Shaymin BCR




  • 4x Professor Juniper
  • 3x N
    [**** Colress
  • 3x Skyla
    [**** Hugh
  • 3x Rare Candy
  • 3x Ultra Ball
  • 3x Catcher
  • 3x Hypnotoxic Laser
  • 2x Float Stone
  • 2x Exp Share
    [**** Super Rod
    [**** Switch
    [**** Tool Scrapper
  • 2x Virbank City Gym
    [**** Rock Guard (Ace)




  • 6x Grass Energy
  • 2x Electric Energy
  • 3x Double Colorless Energy



Basic strategy is to have both out with Dragonite only using Deafen to prevent items and Garbodor to prevent abilities.


As you can see i add in more of the pokemon that are most important to this deck. Dragonite is my main attacker and the whole point to this deck. So he has the thickest line. 4-1-3 that being 4 dratini, 1 dragonair, and 3 dragonite. Garbodor supports him with its ability but never actually attacks and i dont plan on leaving him in the active, so i have only 2-2 of him, hes still important so i 1 of each, incase one gets discarded or prized. My secondary attacker is Tropius, a pretty good basic that also runs on the same energy as dragonite and has cheap energy cost as well. its also a decent starter. To help consistency i also add 1 shaymin to call for 2 basics from my deck if i ever start with it. Allowing me to have a chance of a Turn 2 Dragonite/Garbodor.


The supporters come next. I have a basic set of supporters i like to use based on how i play. I put them in most of my decks. Then adjust for what the deck requires. I try to shoot for 12ish supporters usually. Though more is also nice. But not more than like 14.


The items are what follow that. I add in stuff that i need first. like rare candy, catchers, ultra balls, then stuff i want. The more i want it to appear in my hand the more i add in.


After that energy is last. I usually shoot for about 12. But sometimes i dont have enough space and thats when i start cutting out and making space for everything i can.


Decks get really tight as you can see. I would really like to have 4 of most of the cards i have 3 of. But i just cant fit it. You can then play test and see things that you dont normally need or stuff you need more of and then adjust. It will take some time of play testing and deck editing before you find a good balanced for your deck.


Anyway good luck building that deck.


Also for some reason it censored some of my post. All of the **** are suppose to be 1 of the card following it.

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