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Haxorus/Cradilly Deck idea


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Ok so the Haxorus from PB is pretty decent, and i wanna make a deck with it my problem here is i'm a total newbie and need some help

There's a few cards that i think would have synergy in this deck



Cradilly for getting haxorus faster into play maybe

Haxorus Anti plasma which is something people are playing now

Caitlin to help with cradily

Silver mirror To protect haxorus

Klinklang PB To protect everything



can someone help me?

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I dont know if that would be a good deck. I think you must mean Klinklang from PS, and if you do i think you misunderstand what its ability plasma steel is. It only protects steel type pokemon from EX attacks, not pokemon with steel type energy. Another thing is that Haxorus' main issue isn't that its hard to get one out. its hard to get one charged up enough to do serious damage. Having more of it out wouldn't really help the deck. I also cant think of any 2nd step pokemon that would help get Haxorus, while its on the bench.


You could try crobat with night site, when combined with Ether and pokedex. It could help you stack energy on to Haxorus quicker. But im is unsure how long Pokedex will be play legal. You could also add Lunatone to premonition, and when combined with Crobat its a good set up. But other than that i cant think of any other pokemon that really tie in well with Haxorus, since most of them are either attackers, use different energy, or require them to be active.


At this point in time it seems like the best deck build for Haxorus includes either Gabite or Altaria. Though not both as it clogs up your deck.

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I currently have a Haxorus/Cradily Deck. It is ok, but it's biggest problems are energy circulation and Cradily not getting into play. I also run Chatot to take out tools, Relicanth for a second shot at using the fossils, Sawk because it takes one energy to whomph Plasma Pokémon, and Lucario Dual armor, because it's type fits perfectly with the deck.

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