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Plasma Killer Deck


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I have been winning some matches in expert PvP with my deck, but whenever I saw a PF Kyurem and Deoxys EX deck, I nearly always lose. Since the whole deck is a plasma Pokemon, I want to create a deck that can counter Plasma Pokemon.


Pokemon: 19

3-1-3 PB Haxorus (Signs of Evolution Axew)

2-2 Dragon Call Gabite

3-3 Altaria

1 Landorus Ex

1 Cobalion EX


Trainers: 25

3 Silver Mirror

2 Pokemon Catcher

3 Skyla

3 Rare Candy

2 Ultra Ball

2 Switch

1 Cilan

1 Energy Retrieval

1 Tool Scrapper

2 Cheren

2 Juniper

1 Bianca

1 N

1 Colress


Energy: 16

9 Steel Energy

4 Fighting Energy

3 Blend Energy (WEFS)


This deck focus on Haxorus because it is the best Plasma Killer with its Strike of the Champions attack. If it attaches a Silver Mirror, it can both OHKO a Plasma Pokemon and is unable to be damage by Plasma Pokemon. If the opponent Pokemon is not a Plasma Pokemon, then I can use Dragonaxe instead. That is where Altaria comes in. It makes Haxorus be able to OHKO an non-Plasma EX Pokemon with just 4 Steel Energy. Gabite just help me to get Axew and Haxorus easier. Landorus EX and Cobalion Ex can attack with only 1 Energy. Landorus EX can attack bench, but Cobalion EX can take Plasma Energy and other Special Energy out.


Any help would make this deck a lot better.

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I have seen a few players attempting to build this deck at league. I just think its a terrible idea. have 2 dragon callers for basically only altaria and axew, seems like kind of a bad idea and waste of space. it might work with either altaria or dragon call. I think ideally you would run 2-2 Gabite, 3-3-3 Haxorus. That way you can stream in Haxorus instead of having to use rare candy. It might be 1 turn slower to set up, but it will be just as fast if not faster than with rare candy on the remaining ones. You could also include 1 Garchomp if you felt like it. The other route would forgo Gabite at all and just use 3-3 Altaria. With level balls you can at least get out 2 altaria.


I also dont know how important silver mirrors are going to be. I mean yes then your deck will completely wall plasma decks, but it kind of seems like over ki11, since you already OHKO every plasma pokemon. but i think it will also be wise to include Exp Share. This will guarantee at least 1 Steel energy on the next Haxorus that comes out. Because as most people know. Haxorus' main issue is that it takes a while to charge it up, this will add 1 energy to one of, running 2 or 3 will allow you to transfer over and save all of your energy from the discard and by the time you lose your second or third pokemon, you will have a 3 energy haxorus on the bench that didnt require you to drop any from your hand.


You could also use Silver Bangles as you will most likely have most of your trouble against Ex pokemon with their large HP. with only 2 energy you will already be hitting for 80 + 30. requiring no fragile altarias to sit on your bench.


If you take out altaria and go for the 3-3-3 line, maybe drop 1 or 2 mirrors. It will open up a total of 8 or 9 more cards. Allowing you to carry 2 more catchers, 2 exp shares, 2 bangles, and 3 more draw support to help your decks consistency.


I would also suggest to get rid of energy retrieval if you use Exp shares. Since much of the energy will end up on your other pokemon. But if you do have energy troubles still you can try a Super Rod. Since that will almost always be helpful, as it can return pokemon and energy to your deck. Which is much more helpful that energy retrieval. At least when you carry Exp Share.


I also dont think cilan is all that helpful. Without the rare candy cluttering your hand, you can use Juniper or N more often getting at least 1 energy, without fear of losing the Rare Candy. Have 3 energy in your hand doesn't do you any good that turn. For all you know your opponent will just N your hand away on their next turn anyway, completely wasting Cilan, and the supporter slot for your last turn, and the you could have junipered and possibly gotten Exp share or something. The only time Cilan is at all useful, is for some sort of energy acceleration deck. Being like Blastoise, Dark Patch, or even Kindra (for gathering energy to discard).


For the same reason you can also change Cheren and Bianca for more Juniper/N, or even Bicycles for larger turns than either of those could supply.


Also add in Computer Search over a Skyla or Ultra Ball, since it does both of their jobs at the same time.


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I like the idea of removing the Altaria line and the rare candies. I also like the changes you suggested for other add ins, Ivy. I also think that you need to add in at least one Gym card. This should help counter the bump in Frozen City gym cards I have been seeing a lot lately from these Plasma decks. My choice would be Battle City to give you some additional draw support possibilities.


One note on the Signs of Evolution Axew. It has a HP of 40 and man does that scare me. I would try a mix of the ones with 50 HP to see if that makes any difference..

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That might be a good idea to add Battle City in, so I don't need to worry about how many energy I will put for Haxorus when Frozen City is in play. Thanks for the help everybody.

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