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GenostigmaX (AKA Genesect/Virizion+ water pokemon n mewtwo)


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My goal was to build a good all around deck based on genesect/virizion combo, but still this deck seems to be weak againest a lot of old decks like darkrai/sableye, blastoise/keldeo, and a lot of lightening acceleration decks.


Pokemon: 13


2x Genesect ex

3x Virizion ex

2x Tropius

1x Keldeo ex

1x Kyurem (PF)

1x Kyurem ex (PB)

2x Suicune

1x Mewtwo ex


Trainers: 30


4x Colress machine

3x Pokemon Catcher

1x Max potion

1x Super rod

1x team plasma ball

1x ultra ball

2x Tool scrapper

2x Ghetsis

2x N

3x Juniper

2x Shadow triad

2x Skyla

1x battle city

2x float stone

1x G Booster

1x Silver Mirrior

1x team plasma badge


Energy: 17


7x Grass

4x water

2x DCE

4x Plasma energy




Try to get virizion ex powered up asap, than genesect. Tropius n Kyurem ex are my tankers early game. My water pokemon obviously trying to counter any fire pokemon. Suicune n silver mirror is for countering other Ex n other team plasma decks. Mewtwo ex is just a demn good all around card. Need feedback and comments welcome, hopefully were are ways to improve this deck.



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You only have 4 water energy, making Keldeo EX Secret Sword attack deal only 130 damage at maximum, also it makes Kyurem EX unable to attack. Putting at least 7 water energy might be a good idea for this deck. I am not really sure about having 4 plasma energy though because the only Pokemon that gets advantage from Plasma Energy is Genesect EX and using Colress Machine will not use Genesect EX Red Signal Ability. You might need only 2 or 3 Plasma Energy and 2 or 3 Colress machine. Change G Booster to G Scope because G Scope can deal 100 damage to any of your opponent Pokemon without any disadvantage, using G Scope 2 times would probably beat an EX. G Booster can beat every EX in one hit, but requires you to discard 2 energy. You can use Float Stone to retreat Genesect EX and use Virizion EX to use Emerald Slash to get Genesect EX energy again, but since you only have 7 grass energy, it will run out of deck first. You can either add more grass energy or use G Scope instead.


Use Emolga instead of Tropius. Even though it is a Electric type Pokemon, you can still use it. Emolga can allow you to put both Genesect Ex and Virizion EX into your bench with its Call for Family, also Emolga can retreat for free. Take 1 or 2 Ghetsis out, it is good to see your opponent hand, but if you didn't start first, it is likely that you will not draw any card. Take Battle City out, it is not that useful unless you really like it. You need Energy Retrieval and Cilan. After you use Kyurem EX Giga Frost, you can use Energy Retrieval to retrieve the energy from your discard pile. Cilan, to get basic energy from your deck. You can add 1 switch to your deck, so you can switch Active Pokemon when it is Paralyzed or sleep.


This is just my opinion. Hope this help.

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No forget emolga. use Tropius. I use run a Vizion/Genesect deck with Abomasnow as my water type. Tropius works wonder in my any deck that runs grass energy. I understand that emolga has free retreat. But after attaching an energy to it. its stuck on emolga until its knocked out. Unlike Genesect or Shaymin call for family. Which can discard the energy and then use energy retrieval to get it back.

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Thanks, but new Kyruem ex from Plasma Blast can attack with DCE only, n I use Keldeo ex with float stone as mainly free retreat trick, n also 7 water energy would be way too much lol, most my pokemon in deck can use colorless energy as one of their attacks. Anyways thanks for all the feedback n comments



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